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This one is for Riet...Marie I couldn't find a photograph of me at 17 years old here I am 21 years old..Where have the years gone too.....sadly...much too quickly they flew by....
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 29 2012 10:36 GMT clintonfolks
lovely photo, wonderful smile.!
Mar 29 2012 10:40 GMT Riet
Oh, Joan, you were a beauty! Thank you so much for uploading!
I see a little likeness between our eyes :-) Mine are also brown :-)
So much happened in our lives.........good things, bad things.
I am born in 1930 so I was a young teener when that rotten second worldwar broke out.
And I remember the English troops, our liberators, always behaved as gentlemen
And the american troops and the Canadian troops.
One of the Canadions said to me when we had a talk in the street ( everybody was in the street) 'Watch out for the Canadian soldiers, they are bad medicine'.
I think you could say that for all soldiers in a war. Men, far from home, without a woman, fighting, loosing comrades......
And I was just 15 years old at that time.....
I had a good life, I married, I got four children. Everyting was allright, but then I began to loose. My husband died when he was 46 years old, my son died when he was 52, and last year my new partner in life (since long years) died also.
The good thing is I have three fantastic daughters and a wonderful son-in-law. :-)
Two of my daughters have divorced but have still a good relationship with their ex-husbands ( modern times) :-)
I have been mourning over the death of my mate since July, but now I am slowly coming back to normal life and to the woman I have always been :-)))
I like your last words......'where have the years gone to.....much too quickly they flew by'. It's like the beginning of a poem! :-)))

Mar 29 2012 11:32 GMT hallo
The picture speaks for itself...Nice entry!
Mar 29 2012 11:57 GMT hans55 PRO
a very beautiful entry for happyfriday !! ....yesss time goes fast !
Mar 29 2012 13:15 GMT superJoan
Dave still the same 'GRIN' but that is all.....time has taken it's toll..Thanks
Mar 29 2012 13:22 GMT superJoan
Thanks Marie.....I was a war baby...born the year before it all started.....but do remember the Americans...they used to give us as children food parcels, and me being the smallest I always ended up with the packets of salt from pototoe crisps.....all the sweets and goodies long gone.....but I proudly took it home to mum....
I have been luckier than you..I still have the love of my life Barrie..after 53 years of marraige.....he is one in a million.....we are fit and well ..and put it all down to the dancing we do six times a week....Nice to know that you are things are getting back to normal for you....
Mar 29 2012 13:23 GMT superJoan
hallo many thanks Happiness still after all these years...
Mar 29 2012 13:24 GMT superJoan
hans you are so kind....I have been a lucky lady over the years....family and friends and Barrie by my side....
Mar 29 2012 14:19 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Nice to see you also at that age, it's a very nice portrait Joan.
Mar 29 2012 15:16 GMT elsje323
nice portrait and happy entry
Mar 29 2012 16:54 GMT abojovna PRO
I feel happy and at the same time with tears when I see Joan beauty happy young face, I thinking about a life way ... beautiful dedication for Maria from you Joan!
Be happy!
Mar 29 2012 17:16 GMT Icandoit
Nice entry!
Mar 29 2012 18:18 GMT bandsix
No mistaking who this is!! the same smile as you say....a lovely portrait, and yes, the older we get the faster the time seems to go, so make the most of it, as you are doing!!
Mar 29 2012 18:58 GMT jomoud PRO
This is just wonderful Joan.
We may get older in years but our happy memories keep us young at heart.
This is a terrific entry for the theme and made me happy seeing it.
I hope you and Barrie will have a terrific and very happy weekend!!!!
Mar 29 2012 19:01 GMT Annamaria
A great portrait of a beautiful young woman!! It doesn't matter if the outside gets older Joan, as long as the inside stays young! And i know it does keep you and Barrie young by heart!! ;-)
Mar 29 2012 21:06 GMT Myshots
Beautiful smile and great portrait, wonderful notes and photo from memory lane...
Terrific capture Joan....
Mar 29 2012 21:36 GMT wijnie58
A fantastic portrait of you Joan...Love it...!!
Mar 29 2012 23:04 GMT superJoan
Thank you Loek...how the years have quickly passed....
Mar 29 2012 23:04 GMT superJoan
Ida taken so long ago..but still feel the same inside..thanks
Mar 29 2012 23:05 GMT superJoan
Claudia many thanks....I am blessed with Happiness...
Mar 29 2012 23:06 GMT superJoan
Harry thanks
Mar 29 2012 23:34 GMT superJoan
Barbara many thanks....how true the saying the older one gets the quicker the time goes by......I am sure there are less hours in a day now.....
Mar 29 2012 23:35 GMT superJoan
We certainly have lots of Happy memories John..thanks
Mar 29 2012 23:36 GMT superJoan
Annamaria. Many thanks you are so kind..I never think that I was beautiful...just a young happy person....withy one big SMILE for everyone.....
Mar 30 2012 02:27 GMT martini957
Lovely portrait of happy you....
Mar 30 2012 07:32 GMT superJoan
Nancy oh! how I wish we could turn back the clock....Thanks
Mar 30 2012 07:32 GMT superJoan
hunju thanks.....me in my youth..so long ago...thanks
Mar 30 2012 16:37 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A charming portrait of you, Joan, looking such a smart young lady! Was this a professional studio shot?
Mar 30 2012 17:50 GMT Riet
Thank you so much, Joan for telling me a part of your story!It's great to love and to be loved! That's happiness!
I wish you both more of these happy years! :-)))
Mar 31 2012 10:35 GMT superJoan
Sylvia it was taken at the bottom of Hounds Gate, there used to be a photographer there Many years ago....Wouldn't it be nice to turn back the years.....I do still have a shock of thick hair albeit nearly white now.......but...we enjoy life and are still young at heart...thanks
Mar 31 2012 10:36 GMT superJoan
Thanks Marie....Time marches on !!!!!!!!
Mar 31 2012 23:10 GMT Bellavista
Such a happy smile!! You are very pretty!!
Apr 01 2012 09:25 GMT superJoan
Bella oh! so many years ago......but the smile is still the same..thanks