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Just had to post this one of our HERO.Robin Hood..robbed the rich to pay the poor..thought everyone in the area would have this on their site.....couldn't let statuefriday go by without him....
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 11 2009 10:43 GMT Midworlder PRO
Good to celebrate heroes
Sep 11 2009 10:44 GMT superJoan
Thanks Roger..not sure if the legend is true or myth....
Sep 11 2009 10:50 GMT LizSA
I think it is true.... would still want to go and pay another visit to Sherwood forest...
visit and see the beautiful trees.... just been there in and out. 1998...
and bought a teddy bear RobinHood, fridge magnet...:)
Sep 11 2009 10:54 GMT superJoan
Hope that you stood in front of our great oak tree for a photograph.....This statue is outside Nottingham castle...should really be in sherwood forest...Thanks LizSA
Sep 11 2009 11:10 GMT Papagena
Beautiful collage of this kind personage !!!!
Sep 11 2009 11:15 GMT MargNZ
I agree Joan .. great entry :)
Sep 11 2009 11:39 GMT superJoan
Ruth Many thanks to you
Sep 11 2009 11:40 GMT superJoan
Margaret.....thank you...this statue was paid for by someone from my home village many years ago.....
Sep 11 2009 11:43 GMT Bellavista
Great entry Joan! :-) Have a nice weekend!
Sep 11 2009 11:51 GMT Goudlokjes
It would not have been complete without him....
Sep 11 2009 12:21 GMT superJoan
Thanks Bellavista
Sep 11 2009 12:21 GMT superJoan
Somany great peole all over the world...just standing to be gazed at....thanks
Sep 11 2009 14:21 GMT iyerhari
absolutely right choise!!!!!!

great entry!
Sep 11 2009 14:22 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent way to honor the defender of the poor:):):)
Great capture.
Terrific entry for this week's theme.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.
Sep 11 2009 17:49 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great entry Joan.
I did think of this statue myself, but had no time to go up town, and then I thought " Oh well, SuperJoan will probably have a Robin picture in her archive"!
Sep 11 2009 18:44 GMT senna3
Very creative, superb entry!
Sep 11 2009 20:09 GMT litz
Creative collage of Robin Hood....!
Sep 11 2009 20:24 GMT yvon
wonderful collage
Sep 11 2009 20:47 GMT superJoan
Iyerhari thank you
Sep 11 2009 20:48 GMT superJoan
Sep 11 2009 20:49 GMT superJoan
Sylvia..you know me well...but I just couldn't let this theme go without Robin in the frame.....felt sure that someone would have used his statue....
Sep 11 2009 20:50 GMT superJoan
Peter thanks you...couldn't help but sneak this one in
Sep 11 2009 20:50 GMT superJoan
litz..Robin Hood with his band of men......
Sep 11 2009 20:51 GMT superJoan
Yvon thanks
Sep 11 2009 23:18 GMT CBLADE007
superb entry!
Sep 12 2009 00:25 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL COLLAGE AND ENTRY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Sep 12 2009 08:45 GMT superJoan
Many thanks cblade
Sep 12 2009 08:45 GMT superJoan
Squirrel you are so kind Thanks