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Comments on this photo:

Jan 02 2010 22:07 GMT poshbird
Very glam Joan.......Hope you had a good party!
Jan 02 2010 22:08 GMT nzshutter PRO
You are both looking very stylish. Wonderful capture of you both. Happy New Year to you. :-)
Jan 02 2010 22:16 GMT marijke06
stylish indeed!
happy 2010!
Jan 02 2010 23:14 GMT jilalikar
Happy New Year 2010 !
Jan 02 2010 23:53 GMT megmet PRO
I love the dress Joan, hope you both had an enjoyable evening!

Happy New Year!
Jan 03 2010 01:23 GMT verarenm
Very, very elegant. I hope had been great!
Jan 03 2010 01:28 GMT aigil
elegant indeed and next to a wonderful tree
Jan 03 2010 04:53 GMT superJoan
Thanks Paula a wonderful evening was had by all
Jan 03 2010 04:54 GMT superJoan
nzshutter not often we dress up in ball gowns, dress suits etc....so it was a great occasion
Jan 03 2010 04:54 GMT superJoan
marijk many thanks great to dress up once in a while
Jan 03 2010 04:55 GMT superJoan
jilalikar many thanks
Jan 03 2010 04:56 GMT superJoan
Meg it felt just right for the evening....super time
Jan 03 2010 04:56 GMT superJoan
vera we did have a lovely evening, danced the night away
Jan 03 2010 04:57 GMT superJoan
aigil many thanks...this is only one of my four large trees, I am a child at heart and love christmas and the glitter of it all.
Jan 03 2010 05:16 GMT Midworlder PRO
Looking Good ~!
Jan 03 2010 05:18 GMT superJoan
Thanks Roger, it is only 5am over here I am having a ROGER moment...up early can't sleep.....Nice to dress up now and then and live it up......
Jan 03 2010 07:35 GMT Littleollie
Steppin out, very nice. You both look great, excellent capture.
Jan 03 2010 08:27 GMT teddybear2
you are both looking awesome
Jan 03 2010 09:29 GMT pieter40
aa Great portrait and very elegant.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 03 2010 11:04 GMT hans55 PRO
very good stylish portrait !!!
Jan 03 2010 12:09 GMT iyerhari
Jan 03 2010 12:34 GMT Minz PRO
Hello Joan - Great to see You.
Jan 03 2010 12:52 GMT Koren
Fab Joan - loving the 'glad rags' - a healthy and happy new year to you both ;o)
Jan 03 2010 13:49 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh, you two do look smart! Love your shiny top!
Jan 03 2010 16:26 GMT superJoan
Thanks Shirley...felt like the queen...(Queen of dance) not Elizabeth1st
Jan 03 2010 16:26 GMT superJoan
pietr thanks...I did feel great
Jan 03 2010 16:27 GMT superJoan
hand not bad for an old lady eh!
Jan 03 2010 16:27 GMT superJoan
iyerhari many thanks Lovely night
Jan 03 2010 16:28 GMT superJoan
Hi Minz.. thanks I did feel smart and Elegant
Jan 03 2010 16:29 GMT superJoan
Koren I bought this dress a year ago and this was the first opportunity to wear it, we usually go to a couple of balls during the year..but not 2009
Jan 03 2010 16:30 GMT superJoan
Sylvia many thanks..We both enjoyed dressing up for a change