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Along the old disused railway line, near home...taken the same time as the previous photograph. Christmas 2010
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2011 09:35 GMT saffi9
lovely shot joan
Jul 30 2011 09:48 GMT Annamaria
Its a lovely shot Joan..... but I am not ready for autumn yet.... so winter even sounds worse to me now...;-(
Jul 30 2011 10:33 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Dave..just a view of things to come, the year is flying by so quickly..Christmas is only just around the corner
Jul 30 2011 10:34 GMT superJoan
Annamaria, Monday will see us in August..then Autumn is not far away..so make the most of all this lovely sunny weather we have at the moment..thanks
Jul 30 2011 11:09 GMT teddybear2
This is gorgeous. At least we have had not hoar frosts this year though I do love the pictures Jack frost paints. I have fond memorys growing up in Central Otago and seeing hoar frost year after year. Did not seem so cold as a child
Jul 30 2011 11:36 GMT geobak
Very good capture and ingenuously edited.
Jul 30 2011 11:41 GMT abojovna PRO
Interesting compare, Joan! But bad waether this year, unfortunately!
Jul 30 2011 13:01 GMT Lie
This one is also great, but please I want first the summer....
Jul 30 2011 13:53 GMT Annamaria
Joan, it has been raining and coudy here since the last week... I didn't see any sun...
Jul 30 2011 15:04 GMT marchetariafreitas
Adorei essa paisagem!!!!
Jul 30 2011 17:27 GMT julie13
Lovely shot, looks cold though.
Jul 30 2011 17:51 GMT hamid2010
very nice shot Joan : )
Jul 30 2011 18:36 GMT Pea2007
On Monday in Switzerland it is a national holiday, the country will be 710 years old.
We need some sun Joan.

Jul 30 2011 18:38 GMT nicnic1978xx
lovely shot x
Jul 31 2011 01:53 GMT fashionmonster94
Winter is the best time of the year for me, that's where all my great fashion ideas let loose and I get the best Christmas stuff to wear.

This photo has a great pathway, like a road leading for people to think and get themselves together, I don't know about the others, but this picture has a meaning to it and and honest one, it speaks to me :) Great one.....
Jul 31 2011 10:57 GMT superJoan
Shirley this is my kind of weather, I love it all crisp and cold....thanks
Jul 31 2011 10:58 GMT superJoan
geo many thanks
Jul 31 2011 10:58 GMT superJoan
Claudia this year we have had more than our fair share of beautiful sunny weather. Thanks
Jul 31 2011 10:59 GMT superJoan
Lie..we are having a wonderful summer this year..thanks
Jul 31 2011 11:00 GMT superJoan
Annamaria I thought you would be having the same weather as us, all sun shine and very hot..crying out for rain.. Thanks
Jul 31 2011 11:03 GMT superJoan
So pleased that you love it....thanks
Jul 31 2011 11:03 GMT superJoan
Julie cold but crisp..thanks
Jul 31 2011 11:03 GMT superJoan
Hamid many thanks
Jul 31 2011 11:05 GMT superJoan
Peter if I could send over our lovely weather I would, it is far too hot for me at the moment..we need some rain...thanks Enjoy your celebrations..710 years old..MMMMM !!!!! quite a New country
Jul 31 2011 11:05 GMT superJoan
Nic many thanks...
Jul 31 2011 11:06 GMT superJoan
fashionmonster..many thanks for your comments...this lovely walkway is soon to become the path for a new tramway.....