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Today the sun has decided to vanish to be replaced by rain! rain! rain!....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2011 12:01 GMT hans55 PRO
very good composed climate entry !!!
Jan 14 2011 12:20 GMT superJoan
Thanks Hans good to have you back home
Jan 14 2011 12:28 GMT Papagena
Lovely choice of umbrellas Joan !! Are all of them yours ??

Since yesterday rain has left its place to sunshine......therefore I send you some sunbeams......
Jan 14 2011 12:33 GMT Icandoit
lovely entry
Jan 14 2011 12:34 GMT superJoan
Ruth yes they are all mine..every time I went into Town without my umbrella it rained...so another was purchased..Thanks
Jan 14 2011 12:51 GMT marijke06
you also have rainy days there !:)
nice image
Jan 14 2011 12:52 GMT superJoan
Harry many thanks...not very pleasant today...
Jan 14 2011 12:52 GMT superJoan
marijke yes it rained during the night...and keeps trying still Thanks
Jan 14 2011 13:06 GMT Lie
Great entry !
Jan 14 2011 14:41 GMT superJoan
Thanks Lie..it is now mid afternoon and the sun has just come through the cloud...quite a nice day now thanks
Jan 14 2011 15:01 GMT iyerhari
beautiful designs of umbrellas!
Jan 14 2011 15:33 GMT jomoud PRO
What a great original idea:)
It told me immediately that moisture was prevalent in your area:)
Stay dry and have a great weekend Joan
Jan 14 2011 16:08 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well presented
Jan 14 2011 16:36 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great idea for climatefriday, Joan. Wish I'd thought of that!
Jan 14 2011 16:51 GMT abojovna PRO
A very good idea for this theme and pictoresque photo!
Jan 14 2011 16:55 GMT martini957
Great shot for your rainy days...cool entry
Jan 14 2011 17:38 GMT senna3
Very original idea, brilliant entry!!
Jan 14 2011 17:59 GMT Annamaria
Great idea, Joan!! Thats a nice collection! ;-)) Raining in Holland too.....
Jan 14 2011 18:07 GMT soldier
Amazing and artistic entry for today's theme my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14 2011 18:27 GMT bandsix
A really good entry for the theme Joan!
Jan 14 2011 18:39 GMT sini
Great idea and entry!:)
Jan 14 2011 18:42 GMT verarenm
Nice entry!
Jan 14 2011 19:37 GMT LizSA
oh wow... so clever ......:) lovely entry .. !!! :-)
My daughter said a umbrella does not always work for her... the wind blows it inside out...!!!
Jan 14 2011 20:07 GMT MargNZ
Excellent entry Joan ... love it :))
Jan 14 2011 20:17 GMT superJoan
Harry thanks..they were needed today
Jan 14 2011 20:18 GMT superJoan
John here's hoping the rain stops as we have a long journey by car on Sunday up to South Sheilds and back thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:18 GMT superJoan
Thanks Roger...send over some of your sunshine please
Jan 14 2011 20:19 GMT superJoan
Sylvia thanks...hope it soon dries up....
Jan 14 2011 20:20 GMT superJoan
Claudia I like bright umbrella's to drive away the rain thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:21 GMT superJoan
Nancy thank you...I have lots of umbrella's but never have one with me when it rains while I am out...
Jan 14 2011 20:21 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Peter
Jan 14 2011 20:22 GMT superJoan
Annamaria I think it is widespread over europe...just hope the suns shines on Sunday...thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:22 GMT superJoan
soldier many thanks...brighter than the rain
Jan 14 2011 20:22 GMT superJoan
Barbara thank you...clever things Umbrella's
Jan 14 2011 20:23 GMT superJoan
sini thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:23 GMT superJoan
Vera thought it would brighten the day thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:24 GMT superJoan
LizSA we have two kinds of Umbrella's one folds back on itself, this is the one that I find blows inside out.....Thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:25 GMT superJoan
Margaret you would think that there was always an umbrella with us the amount we have, but you can be sure that if it rains unexpectantly...NO umbrella in sight..thanks
Jan 14 2011 20:25 GMT lizzieb
Good entry! I cannot usually use umbrellas because of using my crutches. So I wear a hat and get wet loll.
Jan 14 2011 21:12 GMT MargNZ
B always says ' any fool can take an umbrella on a wet day ' :))
Jan 14 2011 21:35 GMT Bellavista
What a great entry for rainy days Joan!
Jan 14 2011 23:29 GMT superJoan
How about the umbrella hats...like an umbrella fits on your head...Look good on you Lizzie LOL....
Jan 14 2011 23:30 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Bella
Jan 15 2011 00:13 GMT potterjo
Great entry...that is a lot of pretty umbrellas.
Jan 15 2011 03:05 GMT fhelsing PRO
a rainbow's worth of umbrellas!

Jan 16 2011 23:05 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
a great array of "bumper shoots", living in Nevada I have a couple and when I need one I don't know where I have put it. LOL
Jan 17 2011 13:20 GMT superJoan
Jo Umbrella's everywhere thanks
Jan 17 2011 13:21 GMT superJoan
fhelsing many thanks...some pretty umbrella's around these days..to brighten the rainy day
Jan 17 2011 13:21 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Pinkpepperphoto....today the sun is out at last...
Jan 17 2011 19:18 GMT charlie26
Great composition, great view.
Jan 17 2011 23:58 GMT superJoan
Charlie thanks
Jan 18 2011 08:00 GMT lunacrout
Great idea Joan - lovely, colourful composition :)