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Home again after a wonderful trip around Italy Germany Bavaria....this is the first picture to wet your appitite...lots more to come later...
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2010 07:56 GMT PaP67
splendid " girasole " festival & collage !
Aug 02 2010 08:01 GMT bandsix
just beautiful Joan, and welcome back, your photos have been missed!
Aug 02 2010 08:17 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a gorgeous sunflower collage, Joan. Looking forward to the rest of your holiday pictures!
Aug 02 2010 08:18 GMT beus PRO
What a beautiful work!!
Aug 02 2010 08:46 GMT Papagena
A fantastic comeback entry Joan !!
Aug 02 2010 08:53 GMT teddybear2
oh wow wow wow wow Joan if this is a taste of what is to come I can not wait.
Aug 02 2010 09:07 GMT linnywv PRO
Wow. Ditto!
Aug 02 2010 09:12 GMT Donjames
Sunflowers always lift ones spirit....lovely !
Aug 02 2010 09:30 GMT hans55 PRO
welcome back dear Joan !!!
a great picture !!!
Aug 02 2010 09:34 GMT LadyDaisy
Wonderful collage! Like postcard from your holidays! :)
Aug 02 2010 10:36 GMT MargNZ
So many cheery faces turned to the sun Joan ... simply gorgeous :))
Aug 02 2010 12:07 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Hello again! ;-)
A very nice collage Jon!
Aug 02 2010 15:35 GMT Pam
Great start for your return! I'm looking forward to your Bavarian pics ('cos I'm going in September!)
Aug 02 2010 15:55 GMT Annamaria
Great to have you back, Joan!!
This is a good start for your pictures!! ;-))
Aug 02 2010 21:26 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful Sunflower collage ;-)
Aug 02 2010 22:05 GMT Bellavista
So beautiful card! I really love it!
Aug 02 2010 23:05 GMT megmet PRO
There is nothing to compare to a field of these beauties,... a fantastic collage Joan!
Aug 03 2010 02:42 GMT smiles66
love this collage, were the photos taken this summer?
Aug 03 2010 06:18 GMT doramandragora
Can't wait for more... overwhelming... phantastic!
Aug 03 2010 20:00 GMT Pea2007
Good to have your back Joan....beautiful collage.
Aug 04 2010 07:13 GMT superJoan
Patrick many thanks..another lovely holiday behind us...with lots of photographs taken again...
Aug 04 2010 07:14 GMT superJoan
Barbara thank you for your kind comments..lots of pictures ready to post...
Aug 04 2010 07:14 GMT superJoan
Sylvia a wonderful break behind us and lots of happy memories and pictures....thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:15 GMT superJoan
Beus many thanks the fields were yellow with Sun flowers
Aug 04 2010 07:16 GMT superJoan
Ruth thanks again...we enjoyed our two weeks away...lots to relate later...
Aug 04 2010 07:18 GMT superJoan
Shirley more than my usual pictures taken well over the thousand...all ready to post thanks...
Aug 04 2010 07:19 GMT superJoan
Linny thanks.. more to come...
Aug 04 2010 07:20 GMT superJoan
I had hoped for poppy fields but we were too late, so the Sun flowers were a bonus....thanks Don
Aug 04 2010 07:21 GMT superJoan
hans wish I could say it is great to be back..but our holiday just flew by...better weather than you had in Switzerland...38 degrees in Rome.....thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:21 GMT superJoan
Kasia the fields were all golden with Sun Flowers brightened up every day thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:22 GMT superJoan
Margaret thanks...little smiling faces toward the sun...superb sight
Aug 04 2010 07:23 GMT superJoan
Loek..yes another wonderful break behind us...I again went mad with the camera...thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:23 GMT superJoan
Pam you will love it...so picturesque..and Oberammergau is out of this world....thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:24 GMT superJoan
Annamaria wish that I could say I am happy to be home, but we have a lovely time behind us...thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:25 GMT superJoan
Brynjar many thanks I just loved the fields of Sun Flowers....all in Tuscany and Umbria...
Aug 04 2010 07:26 GMT superJoan
Bellavista many thanks...it was so much nicer than the photographs can depict..thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:27 GMT superJoan
Meg how right you are...I had hoped for Poppies in Flanders...but not to be too late in the year..thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:27 GMT superJoan
Smiles..yes the fields were full of golden Sun flowers...so beautiful..What a sight for sore eyes..thanks
Aug 04 2010 07:28 GMT superJoan
Doramandragora thanks..more pictures on the way soon...
Aug 04 2010 07:29 GMT superJoan
Magenta thanks but you also have another beauty alongside your Sun flower...
Aug 04 2010 07:29 GMT superJoan
Peter thanks...I suppose now I have settled back home I can reflect on our holiday and enjoy it again thanks..
Sep 22 2010 15:47 GMT elbeaver
Trying to be a Van Gogh huh :) Lovely area, nice collage.
Sep 22 2010 16:39 GMT superJoan
What do you mean TRYING!!!!! would be nice to own a Van Gogh though wouldn't it....thanks
Jun 02 2011 03:43 GMT martini957
Oh my...so very beautiful....ask and ye shall recieve...glad I asked : ))
Jun 02 2011 04:48 GMT superJoan
Nancy thanks this was Italy last year on our way to the passion play at Oberammergau