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This was at 6am this morning from our front bedroom window...it was raining and blowy, yet still the sky was ablaze with colour....
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 07 2011 16:16 GMT julie13
That is so beautiful, I heard that a red sky in the morning is a sign of bad weather coming.
Sep 07 2011 16:17 GMT superJoan
Julie I guess you are right as it has rained on and off for most of the day.....thanks
Sep 07 2011 16:25 GMT MCCCXIV
great work Joan... at first glance, the thumbnail looks like the pyramids ;-)
Sep 07 2011 16:31 GMT marijke06
wonderful colours!
Sep 07 2011 16:48 GMT elsje323
bewutiful colors!!
Sep 07 2011 16:57 GMT Pea2007
Great to wake up to Joan , looks like a big fire.
Sep 07 2011 16:58 GMT senna3
Colours are not from this world, wonderful!
Sep 07 2011 17:00 GMT sheasoru68
Is that house on fire???? .. wonderful.
Sep 07 2011 17:00 GMT tegra
Beautiful, such fabulous colours !
Sep 07 2011 17:09 GMT bandsix
It's really beautiful Joan...worth getting up early for!!
Sep 07 2011 17:11 GMT nicnic1978xx
beautiful colours
Sep 07 2011 17:14 GMT Annamaria
Stunning coloures, Joan! Its a good thing you were up early....;-)
Sep 07 2011 17:19 GMT loverboy
nice sunrise shot joan shame about the wire going across
Sep 07 2011 18:57 GMT martini957
Magnificent colors
Sep 07 2011 19:18 GMT lynnj04
Stunning sky and colours wow :-))
Sep 07 2011 20:13 GMT lossieloon
Stunning sunrise shot!!!
Sep 07 2011 20:47 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful sunrise shot
Sep 07 2011 21:10 GMT superJoan
Scott thanks I see what you mean about pyramids...but it is only our neighbours roof....
Sep 07 2011 21:11 GMT superJoan
marijke the brightness streaming through the window woke me up.....thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:12 GMT superJoan
Ida, not often we get skies like this so early on in Autumn..usually after we have had a few frosts...thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:12 GMT superJoan
Peter, the sky was ablaze thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:13 GMT superJoan
Peter how beautiful Lady Autumn is......in sky and all around thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:13 GMT superJoan
Joe it certainly looks like it!!!! thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:14 GMT superJoan
tagra this is the start of our Autumn and all the beautiful colours of the season Thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:15 GMT superJoan
Barbara I am usually awake at this time in the morning..but it is staying darker now so much later..thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:15 GMT superJoan
Nicola I hope for more skies like this as Autumn gathers pace..thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:17 GMT superJoan
Annamaria the sun rises in our front and when I can't sleep this is where I disappear to, and this morning I happened to see it all Thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:18 GMT superJoan
Tony it is a nuisance, but without it I wouldn't be on line..this is our telephone wire..thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:18 GMT superJoan
Nancy the beautiful colours of Lady Autumn.. Thanks
Sep 07 2011 21:18 GMT superJoan
Lynn thanks...worth getting up for I guess
Sep 07 2011 21:19 GMT superJoan
Laura many thanks..it was a glorious sky this morning that is a fact...
Sep 07 2011 21:20 GMT superJoan
wijnie many thanks...Autumn is a beautiful season..
Sep 07 2011 21:33 GMT MargNZ
Wow and wow again Joan . Such a beauty to greet you :))
Sep 08 2011 02:03 GMT potterjo
Sometimes its worth getting up early! Great shot!
Sep 08 2011 02:44 GMT teddybear2
amazing colours Joan
Sep 08 2011 07:39 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Sep 08 2011 08:37 GMT Midworlder PRO
Amazing colour
Sep 08 2011 09:07 GMT FRIESIAN
To wake up with such a beautiful sky must be amazing. Great shot!!
Sep 08 2011 11:15 GMT superJoan
Wouldn't thhis sky have looked lovely over your back garden ???????pity we have houses as a background..thanks
Sep 08 2011 11:15 GMT superJoan
Jo thanks...it was a super sky, and yet this morning nothing !!!!!
Sep 08 2011 11:16 GMT superJoan
Shirley it was a super colourful vision thanks
Sep 08 2011 11:17 GMT superJoan
Thor many thanks...we do sometimes get lovely skies especialy now that the Autumn weather is upon us...after a couple of frosts..then the sky will amaze...
Sep 08 2011 11:18 GMT superJoan
Roger so different to your lovely orange sun sets....but then it was raining too, so I guess the sky was fighting for colour....thanks
Sep 08 2011 11:19 GMT superJoan
Jannie we can expect some lovely skies this month and October too..Thanks
Sep 08 2011 12:33 GMT skyball
A beauty Joan!!!!!!....
Sep 10 2011 17:59 GMT hamid2010
beautiful colours Joan :)