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These are from the village of Eyam this weekend is their festival..
The Custom of Well Dressing is mostly unique to Derbyshire, its origins and history are not certain but its roots are said to come from pagan customs of making offerings to Water Gods, many Wells were thought to have healing powers and during early Christian times offerings continued to be made.
The place with the longest documented association with Well Dressing is Tissington, a beautiful village south of Buxton, it is said that the custom began there after an outbreak of the Black Death 1348 - 1349,in Eyam although the surrounding population was ravaged by the plague in Tissington all escaped, this was put down to the purity of their water supply, in thanks ,the village Wells were dressed with foliage and the custom has continued with few breaks, in 2000 over 650 years of Well Dressing was celebrated. Well Dressers all around Derbyshire take great pride in continuing this ancient tradition and offering thanks for the gift of clean and plentiful water so often taken for granted. In the early years of Well Dressing wells were decorated with garlands of foliage, but the dressings became more elaborate about 200 years ago when floral cameos showing something to do with water such as waterfalls or fountains were introduced, subsequently more elaborate pictures depicting biblical scenes were dressed, again relevant to water such as Jesus turning water into wine.The patterns are on a bed of Clay and salt mixed, then the picture is outlined with black wool and filled in with Flower petals, seeds and all natural fruits. Several people undertake this and it can take up to a week to accomplish..
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 01 2011 13:50 GMT hans55 PRO
very good festival entry ...great info !!
Sep 01 2011 13:53 GMT superJoan
Thanks hans we visited this village yesterday...should have waited as today the weather is gorgeous....
Sep 01 2011 14:44 GMT nicnic1978xx
great entry
Sep 01 2011 14:50 GMT gafaway
sounds like a good reason for a festival... thankfulness for clean water...
a great entry!
Sep 01 2011 16:11 GMT Annamaria
Great collage and information, Joan!!
Sep 01 2011 16:17 GMT Pam
Perfect entry! These are wonderful!
Sep 01 2011 17:19 GMT fotoloekb PRO
A very nice entry collage and entry Joan!
Sep 01 2011 19:00 GMT elsje323
very good entry
Sep 01 2011 19:10 GMT bandsix
A great collage Joan...I love the Well Dressings, they are always different even if you visit every year...lovely that people get together and make these spectacular offerings from Natural sources....
Sep 01 2011 20:36 GMT yvonNL
very good festival entry and collage
Sep 02 2011 00:54 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 02 2011 03:44 GMT jomoud PRO
Fabulous festival entry Joan
Thanks for all the information:)
Have a wonderful happy weekend
Sep 02 2011 04:14 GMT fhelsing PRO
an interesting entry!
Sep 02 2011 10:01 GMT superJoan
Nicola thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:02 GMT superJoan
gafaway thank you
Sep 02 2011 10:02 GMT superJoan
Annamaria thanks...these cameos were so pretty and take hours to make...
Sep 02 2011 10:03 GMT superJoan
Pam on this collage they look quite small so I wil post another with me standing beside them to let you see just how large they are...thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:04 GMT superJoan
Loek quite an experience walking around this historical little village thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:04 GMT superJoan
Hunju thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:04 GMT superJoan
Ida thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:05 GMT superJoan
Barbara it was about 35 years ago that I last visited this festival...and enjoyed it again, although disappointed at so few cameos....thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:06 GMT superJoan
Yvon thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:06 GMT superJoan
aguiles thanks...
Sep 02 2011 10:07 GMT superJoan
John Derbyshire is a lovely place to visit any time, but at well dressing time it's an added bonus thanks
Sep 02 2011 10:07 GMT superJoan
Fleur thanks
Sep 02 2011 11:31 GMT FLUMP
Sep 02 2011 12:58 GMT superJoan
Thanks Helen
Sep 02 2011 14:33 GMT Papagena
Joan, now I understand what you mean with "Well dressing" !! It's just outstanding !!

In Switzerland we have a festival with flower-dressed floats in honour of the end of wine harvest:


Sep 04 2011 12:26 GMT wijnie58
Very nice colors
Sep 04 2011 20:52 GMT martini957
Very interesting