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This is not a room where I spend a lot of time, just one I like very much. The Dining room at Chatsworth House Derbyshire.... One room that I aspire to?????
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 24 2011 15:14 GMT iyerhari
very beautiful roomfriday entry!
Feb 24 2011 15:40 GMT Donjames
Oh! and I thought it was your dining room.....Beautiful entry Joan
Feb 24 2011 15:55 GMT Icandoit
very beautiful roomfriday entry!
Feb 24 2011 16:09 GMT Foggydew
I can see you sitting there!
Feb 24 2011 16:29 GMT hans55 PRO
a very stylish room ... a great entry dear Joan !!!
Feb 24 2011 16:32 GMT Pea2007
Chatsworth House is a most beautiful place to visit,I went here on a school trip.
One day I will go back ,a fab. entry Joan.
Feb 24 2011 16:40 GMT senna3
Fantastic entry and beautifully presented!
Feb 24 2011 17:18 GMT bandsix
a lovely entry Joan....but just think of all the washing-up with all those place settings!
Feb 24 2011 18:01 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent Photo. Great Entry...
Feb 24 2011 19:15 GMT yvon
and how is dinner there? Have a nice weekend
Feb 24 2011 19:39 GMT superJoan
Thanks Hari, isn't it just a wonderful room?
Feb 24 2011 19:39 GMT superJoan
I wish Don..OH! how the other half live thanks
Feb 24 2011 19:40 GMT superJoan
Harry I just love all the Cranberry glass. Thanks
Feb 24 2011 19:41 GMT superJoan
Foggy..Me too..wouldn't it be nice?
Feb 24 2011 19:41 GMT superJoan
Thanks Hans this is my Idea of heaven...
Feb 24 2011 19:42 GMT superJoan
Peter...All the decor is wonderful and Christmas is an exceptional time to go again, so beautiful, when they have it all decorated, trees everywhere....thanks
Feb 24 2011 19:43 GMT superJoan
Thanks Peter..we are lucky to have such beautiful Stately homes to visit....
Feb 24 2011 19:44 GMT superJoan
Barbara if I could afford to live here. It wouldn't be me doing the washing up....thanks
Feb 24 2011 19:44 GMT superJoan
William one of Derbyshires most lovely homes..Prince Charles stays here...thanks
Feb 24 2011 19:45 GMT superJoan
Yvon out of this world I would imagine...all the lovely china and cut glass etc....thanks...
Feb 24 2011 20:06 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A truly fabulous room, beautifully presented!
And thanks for your nice comments, Joan!
Feb 24 2011 20:07 GMT LisaSam67
That'd be a fun room to spend some time in
Feb 24 2011 20:24 GMT FLUMP
Absolutely spectacular....i wouldn't want to clean the silver though!!
Feb 24 2011 20:29 GMT sini
Beautiful room!:)
Feb 24 2011 20:35 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful room and entry! Love the frame!
Feb 24 2011 21:53 GMT Lie
Fantastic...great entry !
Feb 24 2011 22:10 GMT jomoud PRO
Gorgeous place for dinner:)
Excellent entry for the theme
Have a wonderful weekend Joan
Feb 24 2011 22:55 GMT superJoan
Thanks Sylvia we intend going again to Chatsworth when the Daffodils come into bloom....
Feb 24 2011 22:56 GMT superJoan
LisaSam..wouldn't it be great to have lunch here with all our fotothing friends....dream on !!! Thanks
Feb 24 2011 22:57 GMT superJoan
Helen..have done a lot of cleaning silver etc in the past..now go for the easy way out....Thanks
Feb 24 2011 22:57 GMT superJoan
Sini it sure is a wonderful room...thanks
Feb 24 2011 22:58 GMT superJoan
Claudia...oh! to live in a place like this...but then perhaps not....would have to keep it tidy all the time..Thanks
Feb 24 2011 22:58 GMT superJoan
Lie thanks for the favourite...
Feb 24 2011 22:59 GMT superJoan
John how about a banquet here? all that lovely china etc....be afraid of dropping it Thanks
Feb 25 2011 01:30 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Now that is some room...........................................
Feb 25 2011 01:45 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I thought maybe this was your summer home..:-)

Have a great weekend!
Feb 25 2011 02:14 GMT peterpinhole
Excellent room to aspire to! Great entry.
Feb 25 2011 03:14 GMT LisaSam67
Sure would!!!!!!
Feb 25 2011 04:47 GMT fhelsing PRO
That is a gorgeous room --- I love the red walls!
Feb 25 2011 07:44 GMT hanek
Is a stunningly beautiful .... I wish you meet your aspirations !!!!
Feb 25 2011 09:56 GMT teddybear2
An awesome room but might be a bit posh for me. I would probably muck up somehow :-)
Feb 25 2011 10:10 GMT superJoan
JIM rather lovely isn't it?
Feb 25 2011 10:14 GMT superJoan
Bill..I wish......the upkeep is far to expensive for the likes of us....thanks
Feb 25 2011 10:14 GMT superJoan
Peter...can but dream thanks
Feb 25 2011 10:15 GMT superJoan
fhelsing rather warm with all the red..I love it too.thanks
Feb 25 2011 10:16 GMT superJoan
hanek we are very fortunate to have such lovely stately homes to visit nearby..thanks
Feb 25 2011 10:16 GMT superJoan
Shirley..shall we MUCK up together..thanks
Feb 25 2011 10:23 GMT MargNZ
Gorgeous room and entry Joan ... I took the same photo but yours is nicer :)
Feb 25 2011 10:27 GMT superJoan
Margaret..time you had another visit there to retake that lovely picture...how about when the Daffodils are in bloom......????? convince Brick he needs a holiday in England.....hop on a plane ...and we will go.....Dream on Joan....
Feb 25 2011 10:32 GMT MargNZ
I wish Joan :)
Feb 25 2011 18:31 GMT elsje323
very stilish room Joan
Feb 25 2011 18:48 GMT tegra
Beautiful !! I have just finished reading "Wait for Me" by Deborah Devonshire and thoroughly recommend it !
Feb 25 2011 21:54 GMT gravymac
Super shot, Joan.. I can see why you like it so much!!
Feb 26 2011 03:56 GMT teddybear2
One day I will come and muck up with you Joan
Feb 26 2011 14:48 GMT Annamaria
It looks like a room in a palace, Joan! A Royal room...;-) Beautiful!!
Feb 26 2011 14:56 GMT martini957
WOW....royal beauty....awesome room
Feb 26 2011 17:14 GMT superJoan
elsje it is rather swish thanks
Feb 26 2011 17:15 GMT superJoan
tegra thanks for the info..must look it out, I am always reading and a recommended book is worth reading....
Feb 26 2011 17:16 GMT superJoan
Gravymac good to have you back.......thanks
Feb 26 2011 17:17 GMT superJoan
Shirley you are welcome any time...we have lots to see here in little England...thanks
Feb 26 2011 17:17 GMT superJoan
Annamaria funny you should say that as Prince Charles often stays here..thanks
Feb 26 2011 17:18 GMT superJoan
Nancy.. this is only one of the beautiful rooms which you are allowed in thanks
Feb 26 2011 19:11 GMT lizzieb
Yes my house is beautiful isn't it Joan. Well I can dream cant I lol. Its a stunning shot.
Feb 27 2011 12:08 GMT superJoan
Lizzie you wish but I will allow you to dream..thanks