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This is the old bridge which is a few yards away from the new bridge....notice how the River has grown in over 700 years.

An anonymous manuscript from 1641 reads.
'The Beauteous Trent which in itself enseams,
Thirty kinds of fish and Thirty different streams.'

Most bridges over the Trent are named after the towns and cities they span, but when Trent Bridge was built it was over a mile away from the city of Nottingham and was crossed by a ford.The first bridge was built in 924 by King Edward the elder and was mainly wood Later in 1364 the second bridge in my collage was built..Old Hethbeth bridge, the remains are stilll to be seen as you enter the city.
New Trent Bridge was opened 25th July 1871 .
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 19 2011 12:07 GMT dogies1
great photo and history joan
Feb 19 2011 12:19 GMT Pea2007
Super collage and info Joan.
Feb 19 2011 12:24 GMT Papagena
It's always interesting to compare old and new architectures !! I prefer rather the old works but sometimes modern are great too !!
Feb 19 2011 12:25 GMT Donjames
Wow so much history thanks for sharing, great photographs
Feb 19 2011 12:37 GMT FLUMP
What a huge difference...i think i prefer the newer version!
Feb 19 2011 12:53 GMT iyerhari
Feb 19 2011 12:59 GMT bandsix
It's so good to have these comparison photos....makes us all think....
Feb 19 2011 13:36 GMT charlotte
Feb 19 2011 14:40 GMT Annamaria
Nice collage of 2 beautiful bridges, Joan!!
Feb 19 2011 16:27 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Very interesting history and photos, Joan! Good to learn these facts about my neighbourhood!
Feb 19 2011 18:16 GMT Lie
Love the old one more...but new is also great !
Feb 19 2011 21:07 GMT lizzieb
Both wonderful bridges but I too much prefer the old one. Far more character. The history of the bridges is very interesting too.
Feb 19 2011 21:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
These are wonderful pictures!
Feb 20 2011 01:59 GMT potterjo
Very interesting...both are lovely bridges, we tend to replace bridges that are much newer than the new one.
Feb 20 2011 08:05 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful photos showing the passage of time Joan .... thank you for the interesting history :))
Feb 20 2011 18:47 GMT elsje323
great shot and info
Feb 20 2011 19:43 GMT sini
Great contrast!:)
Feb 22 2011 15:14 GMT superJoan
Thanks dogies
Feb 22 2011 15:14 GMT superJoan
Peter just a little of our local history thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:14 GMT superJoan
Ruth Thanks again
Feb 22 2011 15:15 GMT superJoan
Don always nice to here historical info from other town and cities thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:16 GMT superJoan
Helen how the time changes places...thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:16 GMT superJoan
Hari thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:17 GMT superJoan
Barbara just goes to show that time waits for no man...thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:17 GMT superJoan
charlotte thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:17 GMT superJoan
Annamaria many thanks...this is the first bridge you see as you come into Nottingham from the south....
Feb 22 2011 15:18 GMT superJoan
Sylvia shows that you can always learn something new every day..thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:18 GMT superJoan
Lie I also love old architecture and we have lots in our city thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:20 GMT superJoan
Lizzie thanks but don't you think old buildings etc. have a lot more character than all the new ones..despite all the advancement
Feb 22 2011 15:20 GMT superJoan
fhelsing thank you
Feb 22 2011 15:21 GMT superJoan
jo replacement is not always for the better....I love old architecture..thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:21 GMT superJoan
Thanks Margaret
Feb 22 2011 15:21 GMT superJoan
elsje thanks
Feb 22 2011 15:22 GMT superJoan
sini just shows how our rivers have filled up and widened over the years thanks
Feb 22 2011 21:25 GMT hans55 PRO
good that the remains of the old bridge are still there !!!
Feb 22 2011 21:51 GMT superJoan
hans I lov e it when they leave the old alongside the new...history saved..thanks
Feb 26 2011 19:16 GMT lizzieb
Most definately Joan. I do like some new buildings. But not many. I much much prefer the older ones. Seeing the detail and charactor that is missing in so much modern buildings now.
Feb 27 2011 12:07 GMT superJoan
Thanks Lizzie