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For all our NZ Friends..I have just written my thoughts in a tribute to you all .
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 27 2011 12:04 GMT sini
Wonderful tribute..
Feb 27 2011 12:08 GMT superJoan
Thank you sini..I just decided I would write my thoughts...
Feb 27 2011 12:19 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good tribute !!!
Feb 27 2011 12:21 GMT superJoan
Thank you hans
Feb 27 2011 12:33 GMT Littleollie
As an ex-pat Kiwi I thank you so very much for your thoughts Joan, they are very touching.
I am too far away to give physical support to my family and countrymen directly effected by these quakes. It is touching tributes, such as yours, that help, just that little bit, to get us through.
Feb 27 2011 12:35 GMT superJoan
John thank you we do feel so helpless being so far away..it is nice to hear that our thoughts and words go some way to helping....
Feb 27 2011 12:50 GMT senna3
A most touching gesture Joan.
Feb 27 2011 13:02 GMT superJoan
Thanks Peter...the only way to help is to offer condolences being so far away....
Feb 27 2011 13:26 GMT martini957
Wonderful heartfelt words
Feb 27 2011 14:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Sincere condolences expressed more poetically than most of us could - a touching tribute, Joan.
Feb 27 2011 15:37 GMT FLUMP
Wonderful thoughts and gesture
Feb 27 2011 16:06 GMT lizzieb
Wonderful poetry Joan. Such perfect words.
Feb 27 2011 16:40 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful words and thoughts, Joan!
Feb 27 2011 16:40 GMT SIGMUND
very good tribute!!!!!!!
Feb 27 2011 16:46 GMT LizSA
it is lovely done Joan....
Feb 27 2011 16:58 GMT bandsix
How thoughtful Joan...I heard on the BBC afternoon news that an appeal has been launched for the people of Christchurch.....
Feb 27 2011 19:26 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work and tribute to the people of NZ my friend !
Feb 27 2011 20:06 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Joan for your thoughts and lovely poem :)
Feb 27 2011 22:51 GMT superJoan
Nancy thanks
Feb 27 2011 22:52 GMT superJoan
Sylvia from the heart thanks
Feb 27 2011 22:52 GMT superJoan
Helen again thank you
Feb 27 2011 22:53 GMT superJoan
Lizzie many thanks...we are so far away arn't we?
Feb 27 2011 22:53 GMT superJoan
Annamaria many thanks again
Feb 27 2011 22:54 GMT superJoan
Susana just had to write a poem.....such a tragedy thanks
Feb 27 2011 22:55 GMT superJoan
LizSA many thanks...if only we were nearer to help...but words will have to do
Feb 27 2011 22:55 GMT superJoan
Barbara that is good news now we can help a little thanks
Feb 27 2011 22:55 GMT superJoan
Brynjar thanks
Feb 27 2011 22:56 GMT superJoan
Margaret not much else I could do being so far away..But now Barbara said there is an appeal...so we will be able to help in a small way...thanks
Feb 27 2011 23:34 GMT megmet PRO
A touching tribute Joan.
Feb 28 2011 00:16 GMT potterjo
This is beautiful
Feb 28 2011 04:30 GMT teddybear2
Joan this is an awesome tribute. I saw it also on John's Facebook.
I think the biggest thing everyone here in New Zealand feels is that feeling of helplessness. I am so close yet so far away. It feels like everyone in New Zealand knows of someone badly affected in one way or other.
Feb 28 2011 10:54 GMT Papagena
Magnificent poem Joan !! You put in words what I never could write myself !!
Feb 28 2011 14:53 GMT superJoan
Meg thanks
Feb 28 2011 14:54 GMT superJoan
Jo thank you...I just had to voice what I felt...
Feb 28 2011 14:55 GMT superJoan
Shirley thanks you John did ask could he put it on his face book.....We feel so helpless and to know that a few words help is reward in itself...
Feb 28 2011 14:56 GMT superJoan
Ruth thanks so glad that my words help a little
Mar 02 2011 20:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful dedication!
Mar 02 2011 20:18 GMT superJoan
Thanks Claudia....words help I hope
Mar 04 2011 11:09 GMT mbz
Beautiful words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 04 2011 12:27 GMT superJoan
Thanks again I thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts....