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To keep on dancing with my one in a million partner....to keep visiting wonderful venues in the world, to be happy, peaceful and healthy....not much to ask is it .....???????
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 10 2015 13:53 GMT hans55 PRO
a great entry !!!
Jan 10 2015 13:54 GMT superJoan
Thanks hans...taken on one of our favourite holidays...The American National Parks
Jan 10 2015 14:02 GMT senna3
What a nice choice for the theme!
Jan 10 2015 15:10 GMT Hanny50
No it's not to much to ask I think it's de best way to start a new year, I hope it will be a fantastic year for the both of you !!
Jan 10 2015 15:44 GMT superJoan
Thanks Peter...together would be good, growing old gracefully
Jan 10 2015 15:45 GMT superJoan
Hanny thanks...we have been together now for 57 years....a few more would be good....and Dancing a bonus....
Jan 10 2015 16:47 GMT Pea2007
Keep on dancing Joan.
Jan 10 2015 18:31 GMT hallo
You look so well, both of you Joan!
Jan 10 2015 21:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
More fun ... !
Jan 10 2015 23:03 GMT ForestSpirit
You're both looking great here, Joan. Long may it continue!
Jan 11 2015 00:59 GMT MargNZ
Great entry Joan ... may you and Barrie continue to have fun for many more years :))
Jan 11 2015 02:01 GMT gtc126
Put your right foot in, and Shake it all about!!!!!!! Sweet Capture and Entry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 11 2015 06:35 GMT martini957
Not at all my friend and I wish it all for you two as well : ))
Jan 11 2015 10:30 GMT superJoan
We will Peter....some days I have difficulty in breathing....but mostly our dancing keeps us fit.....we have one lady who is 95 years old...marvelous past time.....thanks
Jan 11 2015 10:32 GMT superJoan
Many thanks...we keep travelling as much as we can....still lots of nice places on our list...
Jan 11 2015 10:33 GMT superJoan
Fleur fun is high on our list these days thanks
Jan 11 2015 10:34 GMT superJoan
Sylvia we try.....struggling some days....but things like housework have to take a back seat....we enjoy life to the full thanks
Jan 11 2015 10:36 GMT superJoan
Margaret thanks...nice to see you home again....Kinloch looks just as inviting as it was 2009....can't believe it was that long ago...
Jan 11 2015 10:40 GMT superJoan
Glenn yes the Hocky Kocky but only at Christmas..more two walks and a feather...in this photograph we were dancing in four states..
Jan 11 2015 10:42 GMT superJoan
Nancy many thanks...we all have a wish list....our is simple these days and not as long....just to be together for a few more years would be nice
Jan 11 2015 11:56 GMT clintonfolks
fantastic photo Joan.!!!
Jan 11 2015 12:04 GMT superJoan
Many thanks...Dancing in America...four corners....
Jan 11 2015 14:21 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Not at all Joan and long may it continue !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 11 2015 15:17 GMT Littleollie
Not much to ask at all Joan; and I wish you all the best that you both continue to achieve it too.
I know it's not a new capture but you both look very capable of fulfilling your wish.
Jan 12 2015 22:09 GMT georgygirl2
you are both very lucky!
Jan 14 2015 20:50 GMT jmcdh
Lovely shot keep on dancing