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Comments on this photo:

Apr 11 2013 12:44 GMT julie13
Amazing work, really artistic.
Apr 11 2013 15:11 GMT martini957
LOVE IT...great one Joan
Apr 11 2013 15:29 GMT Milibuh
Great choice !!!!
Apr 11 2013 16:27 GMT clintonfolks
love it.!!!
Apr 11 2013 16:53 GMT elsje323
great horse entry
Apr 11 2013 18:57 GMT superJoan
Julie many thanks.. one real horse and one made of branches...
Apr 11 2013 18:57 GMT superJoan
Nancy thank you.. always good to enter the friday theme...
Apr 11 2013 18:58 GMT superJoan
Milibuh many thanks
Apr 11 2013 18:58 GMT superJoan
Hunju just about to look at the other entries...thanks
Apr 11 2013 18:59 GMT superJoan
Dave thanks again...I just love horses but keep well away from them, they tend to kick me....
Apr 11 2013 19:00 GMT superJoan
Ida many thanks... two different horses this week.....
Apr 11 2013 22:19 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful entry, Joan! What an idea!
Apr 11 2013 23:06 GMT legs4daze PRO
in Ireland at the National Stud Farm (Ranch?) we saw sculptures like this of horses made from the branches; and there are several at the Portland airport as well... love to see the 'real deal' checking out his counterpart. nicely put together, Joan!
Apr 11 2013 23:30 GMT fhelsing PRO
This is a wonderful entry!

I know of an artist, Deborah Butterfield, who specializes in creating sculptures of horses using found objects, and have enjoyed seeing her work in several shows. The sculpture in your photo looks like one of her pieces.

For more about Deborah Butterfield:
Apr 12 2013 01:58 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A terrific entry Joan !!!!
Apr 12 2013 02:32 GMT potterjo
Wonderfully creative entry!
Apr 12 2013 05:38 GMT Icandoit
great horse entry
Apr 12 2013 06:23 GMT senna3
Brilliant composition and entry!
Apr 12 2013 06:34 GMT teddybear2
An amazing entry. I would love to add one of those sculptures to my garden mmmm I have a feeling the finances will not stretch that far.
Apr 12 2013 09:12 GMT superJoan
This sculpture was at The Eden Project in Cornwall .. I thought how lovely it was Stephanie,and that maybe sometime it would become useful for fotothing....
Apr 12 2013 09:18 GMT superJoan
I would have thought that with your artistic talent and Barry's 'elbow' you could have made one for yourself Shirley.
Apr 12 2013 09:30 GMT superJoan
Thanks Fleur, this sculpture was by Heather Jansch...you can find her work at www.heatherjansch.com. Made from driftwood, surprising what comes from the sea.
Apr 12 2013 09:31 GMT superJoan
Thanks Claudia, this is a driftwood horse, very clever I think.
Apr 12 2013 09:34 GMT superJoan
Jim I see you also found a lovely horse in Leeds. I will look out for it next time we are there....Thanks
Apr 12 2013 09:35 GMT superJoan
Jo he caught my eye so clevily made from Driftwood thanks
Apr 12 2013 09:36 GMT superJoan
Harry many thank he is rather lovely
Apr 12 2013 09:37 GMT superJoan
Peter I loved both these horses , so what better than to put them together.. Thanks
Apr 12 2013 09:53 GMT roncarlin PRO
Wonderful entry.
Apr 12 2013 09:55 GMT superJoan
Thanks Ron... I loved both these horses.... some clever people around to make one from driftwood..
Apr 12 2013 10:05 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful work and a terrific entry Joan :))
Apr 12 2013 10:07 GMT superJoan
Margaret.. I thought how lovely this driftwood horse was at Eden Project....wouldn't mind one in the garden.. what a a great subject it would be
Apr 12 2013 11:30 GMT Papagena
What an impressive composition Joan !! I have never seen this kind of wooden horse so far !! ;o)
Apr 12 2013 12:20 GMT superJoan
Ruth there are quite a few around at our garden centres and garden parks... All made from branches and driftwood... especially nice to look at...
Apr 12 2013 17:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
Thanks for the link! Her work is beautiful.
Apr 13 2013 07:02 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful statue and great work of you putting them together, Joan!!
Apr 16 2013 18:14 GMT gtc126
Beautifully Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!