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It doesn't seem long ago that this was the friday theme...so here is another favourite of ours....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 26 2012 11:58 GMT julie13
Looks nice
Jan 26 2012 12:10 GMT hans55 PRO
looks yummmm !! ...but not for me ! :- (
Jan 26 2012 12:31 GMT Bellavista
but for me! :-)
Jan 26 2012 12:34 GMT ForestSpirit
Mmm, they look very tempting, Joan.
Didn't realize that was this Friday's theme again. I wish now I'd saved some of my Christmas chocs instead of eating them all!
Jan 26 2012 13:51 GMT hallo
Mouth watering assortment :)
Jan 26 2012 15:00 GMT wijnie58
Great candy entry Joan....:-))
Jan 26 2012 15:27 GMT bandsix
Good entry Joan....did you embroider the cloth as well? :))
Jan 26 2012 15:56 GMT elsje323
delicious candy entry
Jan 26 2012 16:44 GMT superJoan
Tastes nice too thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:44 GMT superJoan
hans there are some nice diabetic chocs too..thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:45 GMT superJoan
Bella...I will probably still have these in the next six months, as I do not eat a lot of chocolates....more a Fudge person...thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:46 GMT superJoan
Sylvia yes it surprised me as it doesn't seem long ago that this was FunFriday theme...thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:50 GMT superJoan
hallo I guess you too have a sweet tooth..thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:51 GMT superJoan
wijne how fortunate we are to be able to buy such wonderful sweets...when a child they were few and far between....thanks
Jan 26 2012 16:52 GMT superJoan
Barbara not this one..I have some that are my work...this is a bought one from Italy.....
Jan 26 2012 16:53 GMT superJoan
Ida Must keep them away from Barrie he will eat them all until they have gone...doesn't even taste them !!!!!!!thanks
Jan 26 2012 17:12 GMT Annamaria
Looks tasty, Joan!! You can give Barrie one after desert for cooking another great meal...;-)
Jan 26 2012 19:27 GMT Papagena
Barrie has a great chance Joan !! I wasn't as nice as you as I have eaten the most of my box !!
Jan 26 2012 21:15 GMT superJoan
Anna Maria he eats most of the chocolates around....so why not ????thanks
Jan 26 2012 21:16 GMT superJoan
Ruth,,he does deserve them really he is one in a million..don't tell him I said so...thanks
Jan 26 2012 21:26 GMT jomoud PRO
You are right Joan. We had a candyfriday on December 2, 2011.
I take the blame for this...I goofed when I worked on themes for 2012.
Yet your entry continues to make my mouth water.
Have a wonderful and happy weekend my dear friend
Jan 26 2012 23:13 GMT abojovna PRO
To much candy! But delicious :-)
Jan 26 2012 23:48 GMT MargNZ
Delicious entry Joan :))
Jan 27 2012 04:42 GMT fhelsing PRO
a nice assortment!
Jan 27 2012 05:46 GMT rainbow71
Yum they look yummy.
Jan 27 2012 15:39 GMT Hanny50
Mmmmm delicious entry!!
Jan 27 2012 17:20 GMT Dorado
Very good weekend,

my dear friend

A greeting

Jan 28 2012 16:18 GMT laurab1
Joan, it looks delicious ! Great entry