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Margaret..Where are you..I need a name..Thought it was the Grevillea family or Telopea Truncata..but.....can't find it.....
Thanks Margaret..
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 22 2011 13:24 GMT Danijela
Fantastic image, cheers me up :)
Jan 22 2011 14:06 GMT Annamaria
This sure is a peace of heaven, Joan!! Sooo lovely!! Thank you for that!! ;-))
Jan 22 2011 14:10 GMT josephnoel
Ah beautiful photos
Jan 22 2011 15:04 GMT elsje323
lovely image and frame
Jan 22 2011 15:19 GMT superJoan
Danijela thats what it is there for...to add a bit of cheer to our Winter...thanks
Jan 22 2011 15:20 GMT superJoan
Annamaria this was by the side of the road and looking so beautiful in Kiama Australia I loved it...but need Margaret to tell me what it is.....thanks
Jan 22 2011 15:20 GMT superJoan
Joseph many thanks
Jan 22 2011 15:21 GMT superJoan
elsje wish these would grow in my garden..I do have a Bottle brush which is surviving our harsh winter ....thanks
Jan 22 2011 15:50 GMT bandsix
looks like a Protea Joan....
Jan 22 2011 15:51 GMT bandsix
and where are you off to this year?.....
Jan 22 2011 16:20 GMT FLUMP
Love those colours....your flowers always make me smile
Jan 22 2011 16:20 GMT superJoan
Just booked Croatia on the internet Barbara....touring then a week in Slovenia at Lake Bled...have been to the lake before, many years ago so thought it would be nice again.
We go at the end of April into May...But first a little break to Cornwall in March...Looking forward to it..although I have developed a dislike to flying.....otherwise it would be NZ and Marg......thanks
Jan 22 2011 18:11 GMT FRIESIAN
What a beautiful flower shot Joan!! You do it again and again!!!
Jan 22 2011 19:19 GMT Lie
Great flower and shot...
Jan 22 2011 19:24 GMT Pea2007
Thanks for the colours and a reminder that there are other things to winter than just freezing our butts all the time.
Thanks Joan you are a darling.
Jan 22 2011 20:24 GMT Annamaria
It looks like you will have another great holiday, Joan..... can't you make a short stop in Holland? Then we can organize a FT-meeting...;-))
Jan 22 2011 21:22 GMT MargNZ
Right here Joan ... beautiful flower . I think it could be a South African Leucospernum .
They like it hot and dry :)
Jan 23 2011 01:01 GMT potterjo
Beautiful flower image. Whatever they are.
Jan 23 2011 02:39 GMT martini957
Jan 23 2011 10:39 GMT bandsix
Glad Marg and I are in agreement as to what the flower is....phew! They do grow in Australia as well, apparently...
Jan 23 2011 14:38 GMT superJoan
Jannie thanks...My camera takes nice flower pictures I am glad to say
Jan 23 2011 14:39 GMT superJoan
Lie so beautiful...wish we had them over here...thanks
Jan 23 2011 14:40 GMT superJoan
Peter...in the winter I go back and relive our holidays...via photographs and pick out a few to post thanks
Jan 23 2011 14:41 GMT superJoan
Annamaria..thanks what a super Idea...Foiled though as we fly out to Croatia..then Slovenia and home to Gatwick.....may be one day we will visit your country again...to the Keukenhof again....???
Jan 23 2011 14:44 GMT superJoan
I just knew that I could rely on my KIWI friend....a wealth of botanical knowledge...thanks Margaret....looked it up and could find plenty of yellow ones.....are they a relative of the Protea..Barbara gave me the Idea.....
Jan 23 2011 14:45 GMT superJoan
Jo Margaret tells me it is a Leucospernum she knows all her NZ flowers and tropical ones too...thanks
Jan 23 2011 14:45 GMT superJoan
Nancy aren't they just ??? thanks
Jan 23 2011 14:45 GMT superJoan
hunji I bet you have similar ..thanks
Jan 23 2011 15:36 GMT Donjames
This looks very similar to our Pin Cushion Protea that grows in the mountains around us,
Jan 23 2011 15:44 GMT superJoan
Barbara thanks....they are sometimes known as Pincushion Protea's..so the write up tells me...
Jan 23 2011 15:45 GMT superJoan
Don lucky you..wish they grew here....thanks
Jan 23 2011 21:22 GMT Adamus
Fantastic view.
Jan 23 2011 21:58 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wow! Heavenly indeed, Joan!