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Not far from Dalmally we came across Loch Awe and the substantial ruins of Kilchum Castle,which are some of the most picturesque in the country with spectacular views down Loch Awe.Even more beautiful in the Autumnal scenery and the terrific light we encountered...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2012 16:51 GMT 25barb
Very well done Love the reflection
Wonderful colors.
Oct 30 2012 17:13 GMT sini
Very beautiful!:)
Oct 30 2012 17:15 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Wow beautiful Joan, and such a nice reflectuion!
Oct 30 2012 17:39 GMT Foggydew
Oct 30 2012 17:57 GMT sheasoru68
A magnificent image Joan,....love the natural light,..and amazing reflections,..you must have missed a heartbeat when you spotted this beauty..:-)
Oct 30 2012 17:58 GMT senna3
Superb reflection entry!
Oct 30 2012 18:01 GMT Captivelight PRO
Love Kilchurn Castle ... hate the power lines they put behind it! This is a nice photo of the place.
Oct 30 2012 18:04 GMT Pam
Love it!
Oct 30 2012 18:40 GMT Icandoit
Wow beautiful and a nice reflection!
Oct 30 2012 18:41 GMT hans55 PRO
wooow ... great castle and great captured ...fantastic reflections !! ..Fav !!!
Oct 30 2012 19:11 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
This is amazing! Beautiful light.
Oct 30 2012 19:19 GMT elsje323
beautiful castle and great reflections
Oct 30 2012 20:23 GMT mamontof
Perfect Capture !
Oct 30 2012 21:04 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful shot Joan ,I have lots of photos of Kilchurn .this one is a favourite
Oct 30 2012 22:18 GMT saffi9
stunning photography joan
Oct 31 2012 02:04 GMT potterjo
Magnificent image, looks straight out of a fairy tale world.
Oct 31 2012 07:49 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Gorgeous picture Joan - I agree a fairy tale atmosphere!

Got to be a favourite!
Oct 31 2012 09:05 GMT MargNZ
Wow simply stunning Joan ... the reflection is breathtaking . I remember Kilchum castle now :))
Oct 31 2012 11:45 GMT superJoan
Barb, Many thanks...we were so lucky with the weather in October..the light all the time was fantastic and the Autumnal colours an extra bonus...Also this was one time that our tour bus actually stopped for us to photograph across the loch
Oct 31 2012 11:46 GMT superJoan
Sini thanks, this castle sits on the side of Loch Awe , and it certainly lived up to the name ..Awesome....
Oct 31 2012 11:50 GMT superJoan
Loek, What a wonderful little break we had in Scotland... lots of pictures taken and fantastic views all around..Thanks
Oct 31 2012 11:51 GMT superJoan
Foggy thanks..This morning it was actually frosty first thing and the cloud hung low over the mountains to later turn into a glorious Autumnal day...
Oct 31 2012 11:53 GMT superJoan
Joe, My heart skipped many beats on this holiday.. the views were out of this world...an extra bonus was the terrific light all the time...thanks
Oct 31 2012 11:54 GMT superJoan
Peter I took many beautiful reflection photographs in Scotland, as it was so calm and the water never moved....thanks
Oct 31 2012 11:55 GMT superJoan
Captivelight many thanks. You are right the power lines often spoil a great photograph, but this time they were hidden in the mist, you can just see a pylon behind the castle....
Oct 31 2012 11:56 GMT superJoan
Pam, thanks... we just loved this holiday..always so beautiful in Scotland
Oct 31 2012 11:58 GMT superJoan
Harry. Thanks...Scotland at its best all the time we were there, Frosty mornings and sunny later in the day...making wonderful photographs...
Oct 31 2012 11:58 GMT superJoan
hans thanks again... We actually had snow after this, the mountains quite white..
Oct 31 2012 11:59 GMT superJoan
Mcdonegal many thanks....What a place to gaze over the water.....so tranquil and beautiful...
Oct 31 2012 12:00 GMT superJoan
Ida.. Loved it here, we had quite a long stop to walk and photograph the castle.. Thanks
Oct 31 2012 12:01 GMT superJoan
mamontof many thanks...Scotland sure is a beautiful place to visit...
Oct 31 2012 12:01 GMT superJoan
James thanks again... Autumn is one of the best times to visit Scotland especially if you are lucky as we were with the weather...
Oct 31 2012 12:02 GMT superJoan
Dave.. How beautiful Scotland is with all the Autumnal colours and still water.. Just perfect for ...WE fotothingers....thanks
Oct 31 2012 12:03 GMT superJoan
Jo lots of fairy tale places nearby.. and the low cloud helped with the atmosphere...thanks
Oct 31 2012 12:04 GMT superJoan
Thor.. many thanks for your kind comments...all this area was just fantastic....Loch Awe sure was awesome....
Oct 31 2012 12:06 GMT superJoan
Margaret many thoughts of you as we stopped of to photograph this castle...the whole area was superb, and the low cloud and frost helped with reflections...Thanks
Oct 31 2012 12:32 GMT wijnie58
WOW What a beautiful castle and the lihgt is so amazing....Great one Joan...:-))
Oct 31 2012 13:04 GMT rob22stan
Fabulous image, wonderful reflection and atmosphere. Has to be a favourite.
Oct 31 2012 16:48 GMT superJoan
Wijnie many thanks.. we were in the right place at the right time.....
Oct 31 2012 17:15 GMT Petermosull
You sure have captured a moment in time, the light, the mist, the calmness of the water all make for a very special composition, and if you stood on the same spot every day for the next 100 years you would never repeat this image!
Oct 31 2012 17:48 GMT Papagena
Superb reflections !! It looks even like a mysterious place !!
Oct 31 2012 18:40 GMT Annamaria
This is a dreamshot, Joan!! So beautiful!! Great clear sky, composition, reflections... it has it all!!
Oct 31 2012 18:49 GMT marijke06
Nov 01 2012 00:46 GMT Myshots
Nov 01 2012 02:12 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A mirror image Joan !!!!!
Nov 01 2012 05:06 GMT pauli3522
this is an spectacular pic
Nov 01 2012 07:10 GMT legs4daze PRO
hi joan! a once in a lifetime moment for sure, you had perfect timing. it's wonderful. greetings to you from cold, wet and rainy portland ;o)
Nov 01 2012 07:21 GMT gnilsen PRO
stunning picture,lovely colors
Nov 01 2012 09:14 GMT clintonfolks
fantastic .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 01 2012 10:27 GMT superJoan
Rob.. Thanks again Scotland sure is a beautiful place to visit in Autumn
Nov 01 2012 10:28 GMT superJoan
Peter it was a wonderful time to be in Scotland, and the light was wonderful all the time we were there. Thanks
Nov 01 2012 10:30 GMT superJoan
Barbara the low cloud certainly made it eerie .. but the sun did show it's face too thanks
Nov 01 2012 10:33 GMT superJoan
Annamaria one for a lifetime.. not often the light, colour and atmosphere are like it was in Scotland.. Thanks
Nov 01 2012 10:33 GMT superJoan
marijke many thanks..
Nov 01 2012 10:34 GMT superJoan
My shots.. Thanks... We were so lucky to be in Scotland as the weather was glorious
Nov 01 2012 10:35 GMT superJoan
hunju again thanks for your lovely comments....
Nov 01 2012 10:36 GMT superJoan
Jim thanks for commenting...Scotland the Beautiful.....
Nov 01 2012 11:39 GMT Cronos1
Nov 01 2012 12:00 GMT superJoan
Pauli many thanks... we just loved the whole experience of travelling around Argyll area.. the scenery was out of this world.
Nov 01 2012 12:01 GMT superJoan
Stephanie many thanks.. Scotland was a beautiful experience, every time we go we like it better than the time before...so beautiful.
Nov 01 2012 12:03 GMT superJoan
gnilsen thanks...while we encountered genial sunshine and great light in Scotland it is now wet, cold and miserable back home. So my photographs cheer me up
Nov 01 2012 12:04 GMT superJoan
Dave many thanks what an experience... great light.. good company and beautiful scenery...
Nov 01 2012 12:05 GMT superJoan
Dony it was a wonderful experience travelling around this beautiful area..lots of phot oportunities.. thanks
Nov 01 2012 12:12 GMT beedabee
So beautiful .. love the composition, light, fog ..
Nov 01 2012 12:14 GMT superJoan
beedabee many thanks... What a lovely time we enjoyed up in Scotland....
Nov 01 2012 14:40 GMT peterpinhole
Postcard perfect....beautiful castle and suroundings.
Lovely natural framing as well.
Nov 01 2012 16:58 GMT skyball
Excellent reflection shot!!!!!.......
Nov 01 2012 18:42 GMT jomoud PRO
A fabulous reflection shot!!!
Nov 01 2012 23:53 GMT megmet PRO
A perfect and very lovely photo Joan!
I've never visited Scotland and guess I never will now, but this shows me just what I've missed.
Nov 02 2012 17:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 02 2012 20:35 GMT gtc126
Magnificent Capture, Awesome Reflections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 15 2012 16:28 GMT mbz