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Posting now as I may not have time later.....Somany lovely books to choose from..This is one wall of my dining room...covered in books....and yes a great many more upstairs too..you could say we like reading....
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 03 2011 12:40 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 03 2011 13:38 GMT Donjames
Wow...family of bookworms....great entry
Mar 03 2011 15:28 GMT martini957
Wonderful booksfriday entry....a house without books is a dreary place to me : ))
Mar 03 2011 16:41 GMT bandsix
Nice to spend a lazy weekend here with nothing to do but choose what to read!
Mar 03 2011 17:25 GMT ForestSpirit
A great selection of books here, Joan, and a very nice photo!
Mar 03 2011 18:13 GMT senna3
Very decorative, great entry!
A wall of books is a most beautiful "painting"!
Mar 03 2011 18:37 GMT tegra
Books galore ! What a lovely colourful picture they make.
Mar 03 2011 18:38 GMT Icandoit
Nice entry
Mar 03 2011 18:45 GMT rainbow71
that is a lot of books, can I borrow Catherine Cookson Please.
Mar 03 2011 19:33 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A great selection to choose from Terrific entry Joan
Mar 03 2011 21:03 GMT Annamaria
Thats a great amount of books, Joan! Great entry!!
Mar 03 2011 21:11 GMT teddybear2
A great collection and entry Joan.
Mar 03 2011 21:21 GMT elsje323
great collection of books and entry
Mar 03 2011 21:26 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful rich collection of books! Very nice entry!
Mar 03 2011 21:59 GMT marijke06
great book collection you have!
Mar 04 2011 00:29 GMT superJoan
aquiles often I would like to modernise this room...but the books always win thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:30 GMT superJoan
Don you could say we read a lot.....always have our nose in one book or other....Myself I prefer mens books...Wilber Smith...Ken Follett are two of my favourite authors
Mar 04 2011 00:31 GMT superJoan
Nancy well our house will never be dreary then..another large bookcase upstairs too....thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:31 GMT superJoan
hunji plenty to choose from....
Mar 04 2011 00:33 GMT superJoan
Barbara I have recently disposed of hundreds of novels to a charity...thanks..we needed the room to house more up to date books....
Mar 04 2011 00:33 GMT superJoan
Thanks Sylvia..we certainly are never at a loss for a good read.
Mar 04 2011 00:34 GMT superJoan
Peter thanks...we also have the paintings too as a couple of our family paint....lots of choice on a rainy day...
Mar 04 2011 00:35 GMT superJoan
tegra yes but they take ages to dust.....thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:36 GMT superJoan
Harry lots and lots of reading matter.....thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:36 GMT superJoan
You can have them all...I only read her when I want a quick easy read.....thanks....
Mar 04 2011 00:38 GMT superJoan
Jim thanks..we certainly love our books.....recently though we have started passing them on as the book case is over full...
Mar 04 2011 00:38 GMT superJoan
Annamaria thanks...we love reading...words I just love...
Mar 04 2011 00:39 GMT superJoan
Shirley we are never at a loss for a book, and I do re read them...always ready to hear of a good book.Thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:40 GMT superJoan
elsje you could say we have quite a few..thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:41 GMT superJoan
Barbara this was Barrie's ambition to have a wall of books, he built the book shelves all along the wall.....thanks
Mar 04 2011 00:42 GMT superJoan
thanks Marijke lots of lovely books....such a lot of information here...
Mar 04 2011 01:43 GMT sunrise99
Strong library! Can I get Dan Brown and Chinese cooking? ..:)
Mar 04 2011 03:21 GMT jomoud PRO
I love it Joan.
Keep the kindles etc and gimme a real book anytime:)
Have a wonderful happy weekend my dear friend
Mar 04 2011 03:28 GMT potterjo
Wish I had those shelves for mine.
Mar 04 2011 04:27 GMT teddybear2
Joan have you tried Lesley Pearse They are very addictive though.
Mar 04 2011 04:30 GMT fhelsing PRO
There's always something good to read, isn't there!
Mar 04 2011 04:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Mar 04 2011 07:26 GMT sini
Great entry!:)
Mar 04 2011 09:14 GMT superJoan
Sunrise you sure can..Dan Brown's most resent book The Lost Symbol and all the others..well read..and definately Chinese cookery alongside every other country cooking...You name it we most likely have it...thanks
Mar 04 2011 09:19 GMT superJoan
Thanks John through reading we flourish....
Mar 04 2011 09:20 GMT superJoan
Jo I often would like to get rid of them all...but then where would the books go UP IN THE LOFT????thanks
Mar 04 2011 09:21 GMT superJoan
No Shirley but I have noted it and will look out for them Thanks
Mar 04 2011 09:22 GMT superJoan
fhelsing what would we do without books...Vegitate no doubt thanks
Mar 04 2011 09:24 GMT superJoan
Roger love the word ..Bookarama...has a nice ring to it and conjures up hours of wonderful reading..Thanks
Mar 04 2011 09:24 GMT superJoan
Thanks sini....at least we have plenty to do on a rainy day..and every other day come to that....
Mar 04 2011 11:06 GMT mbz
Mar 04 2011 11:49 GMT hans55 PRO
a great books entry !!!
Mar 04 2011 15:10 GMT LizSA
take a book and relax... :-)
Mar 04 2011 16:50 GMT ManiacMom PRO
yes, you read a lot! :)
Mar 05 2011 12:18 GMT soldier
Lots of books are here ... The book is man's best friend... really stunning and amazing entry for today’s theme my friend!!!!!!
Mar 08 2011 21:49 GMT lizzieb
A library of books. Excellent entry!