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Another sign of Spring around the corner...
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 08 2011 21:14 GMT Annamaria
Lovely yellow flowers....;-)
Feb 08 2011 21:16 GMT superJoan
Anna Maria this climbs and takes over all the trellis in Spring, one of the first flowers to bloom...Jasmin....smells beautiful too.thanks
Feb 08 2011 21:20 GMT FLUMP
A lovely happy colour....great shot
Feb 08 2011 21:44 GMT superJoan
Thanks Helen..so delicate... we do not have the white Jasmin it is not hardy enough for our climate..only as a pot plant indoors....
Feb 08 2011 21:58 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
So pretty, and lovely presentation!
Feb 08 2011 22:00 GMT superJoan
Thank you Sylvia..I prune it out each year and yet it keeps coming back......
Feb 08 2011 22:10 GMT pauli3522
Feb 08 2011 22:26 GMT martini957
Beautiful sign : ))
Feb 09 2011 01:32 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Spring is spring out all over,A great catch !!
Feb 09 2011 01:55 GMT potterjo
So pretty...wish it was spring here.
Feb 09 2011 03:55 GMT MargNZ
A bright and cheerful welcome to Spring Joan :)
Feb 09 2011 07:49 GMT teddybear2
very beautiful. I feel sad that you are nearly having spring. Not for you as that is good but because we have not had a summer yet and it is almost autumn
Feb 09 2011 09:41 GMT elsje323
beautiful presentation
Feb 09 2011 10:13 GMT Papagena
Weather seems to be milder in your area as these flowers are already blossoming !! Although we have a temperature of about 13° these days.......
Feb 09 2011 22:31 GMT superJoan
pauli a picture of yellow profusion..thanks
Feb 09 2011 22:32 GMT superJoan
Nancy at last I do believe Spring is around the corner..thanks
Feb 09 2011 22:32 GMT superJoan
Jim thanks...
Feb 09 2011 22:33 GMT superJoan
Jo it will be sometime in the future..until then you can share ours....thanks
Feb 09 2011 22:34 GMT superJoan
Margaret...thanks this Jasmin often blooms in Winter, but this year it is a little late due to all the snow etc...
Feb 09 2011 22:35 GMT superJoan
Shirley..I thought you had a nice summer earlier on...very hot days...but you have Autumn to look forward to..all those bright colours....thanks
Feb 09 2011 22:36 GMT superJoan
elsje many thanks.. it is a pretty little determined flower....
Feb 09 2011 22:36 GMT superJoan
Ruth our little village is in a sheltered part of the Trent valley...so we are lucky with early flowers...Thanks