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WHEN haughty expectations prostrate lie,
And grandeur crouches like a guilty thing,
Oft shall the lowly weak, till nature bring
Mature release, in fair society
Survive, and Fortune's utmost anger try;
Like these frail snowdrops that together cling,
And nod their helmets, smitten by the wing
Of many a furious whirl-blast sweeping by.
Observe the faithful flowers! if small to great
May lead the thoughts, thus struggling used to stand
The Emathian phalanx, nobly obstinate;
And so the bright immortal Theban band,
Whom onset, fiercely urged at Jove's command,
Might overwhelm, but could not separate!
William Wordsworth
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 15 2012 12:33 GMT happysnaper
Great work Joan very nice.
Feb 15 2012 13:46 GMT senna3
Beautiful illustration of the poem!
Feb 15 2012 16:53 GMT elsje323
great shot and framed
Feb 15 2012 17:39 GMT Papagena
Magnificent presentation of this lovely spring flower Joan !! I have never looked at it like this !!
Feb 15 2012 18:11 GMT wijnie58
Another great shot Joan...:-))
Feb 15 2012 18:34 GMT Annamaria
Nice shot and poem, Joan!! ;-)
Feb 15 2012 18:54 GMT bandsix
A real beauty...with great poem, too:)
Feb 15 2012 19:35 GMT superJoan
Tony thanks
Feb 15 2012 19:36 GMT superJoan
Peter We always think of the Daffodils and Worsworth, but he did a few about snowdrops too Thanks
Feb 15 2012 19:37 GMT superJoan
Ida such delicate pretty flowers to herald Springtime Thanks
Feb 15 2012 19:38 GMT superJoan
Ruth if anyone had said that green and white flowers were beautiful.. you just wouldn't believe it...but they are superb...Thanks
Feb 15 2012 19:38 GMT superJoan
Thanks Wijnie such pretty flowers after the snow
Feb 15 2012 19:39 GMT superJoan
Annamaria many thanks glad you like these double snowdrops...
Feb 15 2012 19:40 GMT superJoan
Barbara Wordsworth had a wonderful way with words..and he does the snowdrop justice..thanks
Feb 15 2012 19:43 GMT ForestSpirit
I see we had the same idea today, Joan, but you've added a great poem too!
Very beautiful.
Feb 15 2012 19:56 GMT superJoan
Sylvia Wordsworth had written a couple of poems or sonnets to the snowdrop Thanks
Feb 15 2012 22:39 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful image and poem Joan :)
Feb 16 2012 01:37 GMT Studio88
WOW - AAA+ ;-)
Feb 19 2012 14:52 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful work ;-)