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Comments on this photo:

Jun 18 2009 08:59 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful celling, well taken, very nice composition, my faw!
Jun 18 2009 09:01 GMT superJoan
This was in a narrow back street the interior inspiring...
Jun 18 2009 09:06 GMT teddybear2
Oh my my my. That is spectacuar. My Barry and I have made stained glass windows but can not imagine how long it would have taken to make that.
Jun 18 2009 09:09 GMT superJoan
Shirley it was designed by Lluis Demenech i Monteaner completed in 1908.. Impressive name too don't you think?
Jun 18 2009 09:38 GMT MargNZ
Very impressive and beautiful Joan .. we missed seeing this !
Jun 18 2009 09:46 GMT Kire403
what a great image and architectural design....
Jun 18 2009 09:47 GMT marijke06
what a fantastic view!!
Jun 18 2009 09:57 GMT SaoPaulo
Jun 18 2009 10:16 GMT Laura1
wow this is a beautiful photo fantasic
Jun 18 2009 10:19 GMT superJoan
Need another visit Margaret...next time we go ????
Jun 18 2009 10:20 GMT superJoan
Kire it was pretty and the light reflecting doesn't show it's beauty on a photograph.
Jun 18 2009 10:20 GMT teddybear2
It certainly is Joan
Jun 18 2009 10:21 GMT superJoan
Marijke some art here...wonderful
Jun 18 2009 10:21 GMT superJoan
Beth it was wonderful, such a lot of work in it
Jun 18 2009 10:23 GMT superJoan
Laura many thanks, a beautiful dome has to be seen to be believed.
Jun 18 2009 13:27 GMT verarenm
This is gorgeous Joan! Where's the place?
Jun 18 2009 13:38 GMT Daing
wow! like the alien ship in one of the movie.....
Jun 18 2009 13:49 GMT superJoan
Vera this dome is in the music museum in Barcelona, not far from the arc de Triomf.
Jun 18 2009 13:50 GMT superJoan
Daing..what a wonderful imagination you have....yes it is the same shape A DOME...but this time made of glass....
Jun 18 2009 14:33 GMT Jakeobean
Joan...stunning capture...wonderful presentation, great colours and very nice capture of light.......
Jun 18 2009 14:33 GMT Midworlder PRO
fabulous detail here
Jun 18 2009 15:01 GMT cdc PRO
lovely capture
Jun 18 2009 17:48 GMT lunette
im just speechless!! amazing.
Jun 18 2009 19:58 GMT dave43
better than my leeds theatre, last november!
Jun 18 2009 20:42 GMT sini
Very beautiful!:)
Jun 18 2009 23:37 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful work of art ;-)))
Jun 19 2009 02:32 GMT smiles66
Lets trade homes for a week Joan. You can even use my car to sight see while I go over there and see this.
Jun 19 2009 09:03 GMT superJoan
jakeobean quite an artistic creation...
Jun 19 2009 09:03 GMT superJoan
Roger thanks....almost Tiffiny ....
Jun 19 2009 09:04 GMT superJoan
cdc Thanks again...very impressive globe
Jun 19 2009 09:04 GMT superJoan
lunette...yes it had that effect on me
Jun 19 2009 09:07 GMT superJoan
sounds a good Idea...we love the states......Barcelona was a wonderful trip
Jun 19 2009 09:09 GMT superJoan
dave, all so different though...we love Leeds......some beautiful buildings especially the Victorian market
Jun 19 2009 09:09 GMT superJoan
sini it sure was
Jun 19 2009 09:10 GMT superJoan
cooler, think of all the work put into this.....they were artists at the beginning of the century
Jun 19 2009 09:51 GMT pnew
Artistic view!
Jun 19 2009 11:35 GMT superJoan
Thanks pnew
Jun 20 2009 19:55 GMT dave43
no, it was the theatre I was thinking about, forget the name, went there when my youngest graduated, posted a shot of similar light last year
Nov 03 2009 22:31 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Now this is one building in Barcelona I would have loved to have seen - maybe next time!