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Comments on this photo:

May 16 2009 12:12 GMT senna3
Great presentation!
May 16 2009 12:21 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great shot - I love its stubby beak!
May 16 2009 12:29 GMT peterw
Great shot superJoan! We had hoards of these during the colder weather but they seem to have gone elsewhere now!
May 16 2009 12:50 GMT superJoan
Thanks Peter
May 16 2009 12:50 GMT superJoan
Thor..pretty little birds....
May 16 2009 12:51 GMT superJoan
Peter they have all come to our garden...never on their own always a little flock....
May 16 2009 13:14 GMT annieann PRO
beautifully done joan ...
May 16 2009 13:15 GMT Minz PRO
Great to see and I look forward to seeing them in my garden this year !
Great photograph.
May 16 2009 14:28 GMT SIGMUND
great catch!!!!!!!!!!!
May 16 2009 18:02 GMT FRIESIAN
May 16 2009 18:17 GMT MagentaStar
Beautiful capture of my favourite bird! They are so cute and always flitting about in little groups! :-)
May 16 2009 19:29 GMT ManiacMom PRO
What a cutie! Great shot!
May 16 2009 20:51 GMT Papagena
Lovely work, my dear !! I have still to look for another programme. So far I use Picasa3 but I am always impressed by your results !!
May 16 2009 22:26 GMT MargNZ
Gorgeous wee bird and composition Joan :)
May 17 2009 00:51 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Just fabulous, Joan!
May 17 2009 06:01 GMT spideyj
Lovely shot!
May 17 2009 08:51 GMT cdc PRO
superb close-up
May 17 2009 09:26 GMT superJoan
Annie isn' t he just beautiful
May 17 2009 09:27 GMT superJoan
Minz they frequent our garden all the year around....
May 17 2009 09:28 GMT superJoan
Susana. lucky I guess before flittering off
May 17 2009 09:28 GMT superJoan
Friesian thanks
May 17 2009 09:29 GMT superJoan
MagentaStar, they come in little groups of five or six..this had to be taken through the window though....
May 17 2009 09:29 GMT superJoan
Denise. I just love them....so beautiful....
May 17 2009 09:31 GMT superJoan
Ruth you are so kind......I had my computer mainly for graphics and catching up with friends of course.
May 17 2009 09:31 GMT superJoan
Margaret...he is a pretty little bird...after the Robin you could say a favourite of mine.
May 17 2009 09:32 GMT superJoan
WildSpirit thankyou
May 17 2009 09:33 GMT superJoan
Spideyj many thanks for your continued support
May 17 2009 09:34 GMT superJoan
cdc afraid taken through the window, they are sio quick, I have to sit and be patient
May 17 2009 09:53 GMT soldier
Lovely and great capture!!!
May 17 2009 09:55 GMT superJoan
Many thanks soldier..are you actually on active service as a soldier.....we have a grandson in the army....
May 17 2009 11:41 GMT sini
Wonderful capture!:)
May 17 2009 13:28 GMT superJoan
Thanks sini..patience needed....
May 17 2009 15:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Hi Joan I just got a report on the RSPB Big Garden birdwatch through my door (I really enjoy taking part every year - do you? I'd recommend it to anyone) - it contains the good news that Long Tailed Tit numbers are on the increase, putting them into the top 10 for the first time. I am glad - I think they are delightful birds!
May 17 2009 15:17 GMT superJoan
Goods to know they are on the increase, what is Bird watch ?
May 17 2009 15:25 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Here is the link Joan - it is in January every year so you'll have a while to wait.

All the details here : http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/index.asp
May 17 2009 15:28 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful image, congratulations!
May 17 2009 15:41 GMT superJoan
Thanks abojovna
May 17 2009 15:45 GMT superJoan
Thanks Thor will have a look at the link, do you have to be a member to take part? Sounds a great Idea keeping tabs on our wildlife...
May 17 2009 16:15 GMT peterpinhole
cute little one....great close up!
May 17 2009 19:17 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
No Joan, you don't have to be a member - anyone can take part.
May 17 2009 20:04 GMT superJoan
Thanks Peter....