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Tags romance


54 Years on...Romance is not dead...Still young at heart
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2011 12:33 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good romance entry dear Joan ...1957 ..i was 2 years old then !! :-)
Feb 12 2011 12:39 GMT dogies1
so was i hans wonderful images joan
Feb 12 2011 12:54 GMT Pea2007
Both of you still look young at heart and thats how it must feel.
Feb 12 2011 12:58 GMT FLUMP
Unfortunately i wasn't even a twinkle then!! Hope you have many more years together :-))
Feb 12 2011 13:39 GMT Donjames
Wow....54 years of happiness, wonderful. 1957 the year before I was born !
Feb 12 2011 13:44 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Very nice collage Joan, we had the same "romance" idea! ;-))
Feb 12 2011 13:51 GMT superJoan
Gosh you make me feel so ancient....still very young inside though..thanks hans
Feb 12 2011 13:52 GMT superJoan
dogies OH! Well I must be the matriarch then...thanks
Feb 12 2011 13:53 GMT superJoan
Peter you never age inside, always feel like a teenager..it is just the body that doesn't want to go, go, go....thanks
Feb 12 2011 13:54 GMT superJoan
Helen, so long ago..wonderful years all of them....and we also hope many more years to come....thanks
Feb 12 2011 13:56 GMT superJoan
Don...Barrie still treats me as if I am that young lady...am I the Lucky one !!!!! thanks
Feb 12 2011 13:57 GMT Donjames
So he should... :-)))
Feb 12 2011 13:58 GMT superJoan
Loek..at last someone whom I can relate to age wise.....but we have wisdom and experience on our side don't we.....actually Loek you prompted me to do this collage thanks....
Feb 12 2011 14:20 GMT MCCCXIV
a fabulous little compilation there Joan... here's to the next 54 years :-D
Feb 12 2011 14:56 GMT Annamaria
So many happy years together! I wish you both a lot more in happiness and good health, Joan!! ;-))
Feb 12 2011 15:16 GMT bandsix
You were obviously a child bride Joan....congratulations!!
Feb 12 2011 16:09 GMT superJoan
Scott I wish...ten will do.....thanks
Feb 12 2011 16:10 GMT superJoan
Annamaria..does sound a lot of years...but they have just flown by..thanks
Feb 12 2011 16:11 GMT superJoan
But of course barbara...weren't we all ? thanks
Feb 12 2011 17:02 GMT iyerhari
great pic.!
Feb 12 2011 17:24 GMT MCCCXIV
awww... lets split the difference... 25-ish ;-)
Feb 12 2011 18:35 GMT Lie
Great shot, are they still happy ?
Feb 12 2011 19:32 GMT fhelsing PRO
I hope that you two enjoy many more happy years together!
Feb 12 2011 20:47 GMT MargNZ
A lifetime of happy memories Joan ... nice collage :)
Feb 12 2011 22:35 GMT elsje323
lovely romance shot
Feb 13 2011 00:11 GMT potterjo
Wonderful presentation...and to many more! We have a few more to catch up.
Feb 13 2011 08:09 GMT DIGITALOOKING
lovely :)
Feb 13 2011 12:11 GMT superJoan
Hari thanks
Feb 13 2011 12:13 GMT superJoan
Okay scott I will settle for that....25 years will make me getting just a couple of years away from receiving the queens birthday card....or King as it will be by then
Feb 13 2011 12:14 GMT superJoan
We sure are happy Lie..many happy years behind us..and hopefully many more together...thanks
Feb 13 2011 12:14 GMT superJoan
fhelsing me too ...would be nice to know just howmany so that it could all be planned out....thanks
Feb 13 2011 12:15 GMT superJoan
Thanks Margaret...you know just how much I am spoiled....
Feb 13 2011 12:16 GMT superJoan
thanks Elsje...nice to meet MR right..I am so lucky
Feb 13 2011 12:16 GMT superJoan
Jo they go far too quickly..enjoy while you can thanks
Feb 13 2011 12:17 GMT superJoan
Feb 13 2011 12:24 GMT sini
Feb 13 2011 12:30 GMT superJoan
Thanks Sini...your picture inspired me to post Snowdrops and write another poem..thanks
Feb 13 2011 14:26 GMT martini957
Wonderful pictures of you two...beautiful romance entry
Feb 13 2011 15:15 GMT superJoan
Nancy thanks....life is one big romance....
Feb 14 2011 09:54 GMT Papagena
What a chance to continue your romance Joan !!
Feb 14 2011 11:08 GMT superJoan
Thanks Ruth..we intend seeing a few more years...
Feb 14 2011 13:56 GMT charlie26
Lovely collage, great to see and read.
Feb 15 2011 18:46 GMT lizzieb
Beautiful collage and couple. You two make us realise that romance does not die after a few short years together if you are truelly in love.
Feb 15 2011 21:20 GMT superJoan
charlie many thanks
Feb 15 2011 21:21 GMT superJoan
Lizzy thanks..very hard work in the former years...but better the devil and all that now......couldn't train another one....joking aside..we have been very lucky in our choice.....