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The Ugly House
The history of the Ugly House (Ty Hyll) is very vague but the legend says it was built back in the 15th century by two outlawed brothers, based on the old Welsh law of ty unos - a house of a single night. If you could build four walls and have smoke coming out of the chimney between sunset and sunrise, you got the freehold of the land.
Then you had the opportunity to stand on each corner, throw
an axe as far as you could and take ownership of all that land too.
This is what's most commonly talked about, though if you
look at the size of the house there's no way it could have
been built in a day. But there was a strong custom of that
being a law, so perhaps something smaller along those lines
was built on this site before this structure. It's thought the building that stands today was built when Thomas Telford was building the A5 from London to Holyhead in the 18th century The outside wasn't changed and it's still known as the Ugly House, and this might be for many reasons. Perhaps because the first house was built by the outlaws, who were thought to be 'ugly', dark, sinister characters hiding out in the woods. Or perhaps it's somehow a mis-spelling of 'Lligwy'. Or, most likely, 'hyll' doesn't actually mean ugly in old Welsh, but something more like rugged - and that makes more
sense,as it is a bit rugged, but not really ugly at all.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2013 13:14 GMT junne PRO
in fact today we would call this beautiful
Oct 19 2013 17:06 GMT happysnaper
Brilliant shot Joan.
Oct 19 2013 20:21 GMT fhelsing PRO
I like that house!
Oct 19 2013 20:37 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful history of this charming old house and a great photo Joan :)
Oct 20 2013 01:54 GMT martini957
I agree...it's not ugly...I rather like it : ))
Oct 20 2013 03:04 GMT beady
Nice little country house
Oct 20 2013 06:41 GMT Annamaria
I wouldn't mind staying there at al, Joan! What a great history dies this house has! I loved the explanation! Thank you! ;-))
Oct 20 2013 07:08 GMT superJoan
Annamaria it is now a Tea house....a little restaurant but we didn 't stay for a cuppa....thanks
Oct 20 2013 07:11 GMT superJoan
Junne Thanks I wouldn't mind living here
Oct 20 2013 07:12 GMT superJoan
Thanks the only thing against this house was that it was on a busy road corner
Oct 20 2013 07:12 GMT superJoan
Thanks Fleur I found it rather pretty
Oct 20 2013 07:15 GMT superJoan
Margaret it didn't look as if it had been rushed in the building at all, very neatly put together very large stone blocks...and I wouldn't mind owning it, it was so appealing thanks
Oct 20 2013 07:16 GMT superJoan
Thanks Nancy it is lovely isn't it, but being called Ugly it keeps the tourist status
Oct 20 2013 07:17 GMT superJoan
Thanks quite a tourist attraction, everyone flocks to see it and have a drink here
Oct 20 2013 07:49 GMT hans55 PRO
Ugly ?? ... interresting history !
Oct 20 2013 08:21 GMT elsje323
like this ugly house
Oct 20 2013 09:17 GMT teddybear2
Love this Thank you for the interesting information An interesting way to get a house and land. If it were me the house would be 1 metre square and the land about 3metre square knowing my throwing skills
Oct 20 2013 10:06 GMT Milibuh
I love it !!!
Oct 21 2013 19:55 GMT jmcdh
Three lovely photos Joan ,we have visited these places a few times