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Ricardopc I have found this in my archives and you must agree that the likeness is phenominal to your flower...No wonder Barbara and I thought it was a Lisianthus.....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2011 17:26 GMT Pea2007
What wonderful colours.
Nice to see some beautiful flowers again Joan I have had enough of cold snow scenes.
Here today was like Spring.
Jan 08 2011 17:47 GMT bennystr
Nature's beauty!
Jan 08 2011 18:32 GMT pieter40
Wonderful thats give me summerfeelings,beautiful flowers and colours.!!!!!!!
Jan 08 2011 18:50 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Just gorgeous, Joan, especially full size.
Jan 08 2011 19:07 GMT ricardopc
superjoan, I agree!
In my archives Lisianthus does not like this one, it´s completely diferent! But If in your archive show as Lisianthus so it is! :) But I´ll search for a third review! :)
Jan 08 2011 19:29 GMT teddybear2
Joan this is gorgeous. Is it ftom your garden
Jan 08 2011 20:06 GMT ricardopc
Jan 08 2011 20:19 GMT superJoan
Peter this is a beautiful flower, afraid only a hot house plant over here.Thanks
Jan 08 2011 20:19 GMT superJoan
Benny we need to be cheered up in the cold of winter thanks
Jan 08 2011 20:20 GMT superJoan
Pieter is Summer all that time away? not if it goes as quickly as last year..Thanks
Jan 08 2011 20:20 GMT superJoan
Sylvia thank you also for your bright picture on this very dull day..
Jan 08 2011 20:21 GMT superJoan
ricardopc...thanks...we only have these as indoor or hothouse plants, our winters are too severe for them to surviveI have tried them in the garden, but only in summer..thanks
Jan 08 2011 20:22 GMT superJoan
Shirley, not this one in the garden but a pink one until the frost killed it, this was a hot house plant which I had indoors..thanks
Jan 08 2011 20:54 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful flower Joan .. the florist's here use them a lot :)
Jan 08 2011 23:41 GMT potterjo
Beautiful flower
Jan 09 2011 10:42 GMT sini
Wonderful presentation!:)
Jan 09 2011 11:42 GMT superJoan
Margaret they are rather beautiful and delicate...very seasonal over here....thanks
Jan 09 2011 11:43 GMT superJoan
Jo thanks again...so pretty and several beautiful shades from Lilac to pink and Purple..I just love them...
Jan 09 2011 11:43 GMT superJoan
sini again many thanks
Jan 09 2011 14:59 GMT annieann PRO
this is wonderful work joan
Jan 09 2011 16:10 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Annieann
Jan 09 2011 16:57 GMT charlie26
Very beautiful.
Jan 09 2011 18:23 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Charlie.....
Jan 11 2011 13:44 GMT will
I'd never seen these! Beautiful.
Jan 11 2011 13:46 GMT superJoan
We only get them as hot house plants and in floral bouquets thanks
Jan 11 2011 16:03 GMT Annamaria
Its lovely, Joan.... such a soft colour!!!
Jan 11 2011 16:25 GMT superJoan
Thanks Annamaria good to have you back again
Jan 11 2011 17:38 GMT Annamaria
Thank you so much, dear friend...;-))
Jan 12 2011 19:54 GMT LizSA
how beautiful you have done it Joan... it is very much the same... the colour is the same for sure...!!
what a lovely flower....!!!!!!!
Jan 12 2011 19:57 GMT superJoan
I love flowers so have always been interested in their names.....one thing I have remembered from childhood...my Grandma gave me the love of gardening....thanks