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Tags lupins

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At last I have managed to grow Lupins in the garden..now we are over run by them..not quite in full bloom yet, but some lovely colours ...
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Comments on this photo:

May 29 2012 20:49 GMT sini
Beautiful lupins!:)
May 29 2012 20:57 GMT superJoan
Sini I have tried for years to grow them, so last year I set a packet of mixed Lupins and now have such a beautiful show..thanks
May 29 2012 21:07 GMT Snappa
The slugs always get mine.Beautiful colours.
May 29 2012 21:41 GMT bandsix
Mine are not in flower yet Joan...you must be warmer where you are....these are
May 29 2012 22:43 GMT 25barb
This is a beautiful show...love the combination of colors and you presented them so wonderfully .May the beauty continue...
Thanks for all of your comments and also for taking your time to view my posts...
May 29 2012 22:46 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful luppins, Joan, lovely colours...:-))
May 29 2012 23:30 GMT MargNZ
Glorious lupins and happy memories Joan :)
May 30 2012 04:36 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful lupins, Joan! Only 1 colour survived the winter here.....;-(
(Untill now ...I hope some more will grow....)
May 30 2012 06:23 GMT teddybear2
Gorgeous, You will have them forever now.
May 30 2012 10:02 GMT superJoan
Thanks Linda I have been lucky as the Snails and slugs do not touch the Lupins, they go for more succulent leaves..it is the Lily beetle that I have had trouble with this year...
May 30 2012 10:02 GMT superJoan
Barbara we live in a warm belt in the Trent valley thanks
May 30 2012 10:03 GMT superJoan
Barb we certainly have a great combination of colour this year....some real beauties thanks
May 30 2012 10:04 GMT superJoan
Wijnie rewarded with lovely flowers this year..after years of trying to get them to grow thanks
May 30 2012 10:05 GMT superJoan
Always a reminder of NZ and the wonderful hospitality we received when I see Lupins.. so it looks as if they are here to stay thanks
May 30 2012 10:06 GMT superJoan
Annamaria we have such a variety of colours and all quite different and beautiful thanks
May 30 2012 10:06 GMT superJoan
hunju thanks... all hard work rewarded...and looking good thanks
May 30 2012 10:07 GMT superJoan
Shirley I do hope so.. it was NZ and the Lupins that prompted me to persevere and get them to grow in the garden Thanks
May 30 2012 12:21 GMT clintonfolks
May 30 2012 14:48 GMT ForestSpirit
What a lovely display! I've never had much luck with mine, but will have to persevere.
May 30 2012 15:59 GMT superJoan
Sylvia we have been in this house 30 years now and this is the first time I have been able to grow them. and this year they excel..thanks.. so keep trying...
May 30 2012 15:59 GMT superJoan
Dave I am well pleased with the results of setting..pricking and nurturing thanks
May 31 2012 16:39 GMT whiteMusk
beautiful lupins and colours too...
Jun 05 2012 20:12 GMT elsje323
beautiful lupins shot
Jun 05 2012 22:24 GMT mypictures49
Different looking flowers-Pretty shot.