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Has really changed......
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2008 09:00 GMT lizzieb
Wow - I would have loved to live there then! And look at that old pushchair!!!
Aug 13 2008 09:05 GMT superJoan
Some of the buildings are still standing.........England was so beautiful...now a lot of it all built up with three storey slums of tomorrow.......
Aug 13 2008 09:07 GMT lizzieb
Yes I totally agree with you. My area, once a tiny farming village is now built up too much. And a developer got hold of some land the villagers did not want building on. But the council could only see Ģsd in front of their eyes - well they had lost millions of our council tax in bad investments!!!
Aug 13 2008 09:13 GMT superJoan
In our area, developers buy a large house, demolish it and build several small houses on land...SAD.....Our only playing field undeveloped was left to the people of Wilford.....wonder how long before the council find a loophole.....
Aug 13 2008 09:19 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice old picture ...iff we gould only turn back or stop the time !!
Aug 13 2008 09:26 GMT superJoan
Yes...I would have stopped 20 years ago...but....life must go on, enjoy it while you can....keep snapping those pictures and sharing.......
Aug 13 2008 09:31 GMT lizzieb
Yes they are now allowed to do that all over the country - even buying up back gardens to build on. And deliberately burning down, or 'accidentally' knocking down listed buildings! And they are not developers from this country ususally. But I guess we did the same in other countries.
Aug 13 2008 12:01 GMT senna3
Such pictures awake nostalgic feelings!
Aug 14 2008 14:14 GMT SIGMUND
wow, great!!!
Aug 15 2008 05:04 GMT karlbark
Really great, these old images! - Very interesting! :-)

Summery greetings :-D
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Aug 15 2008 05:06 GMT karlbark
Thatīs a bit strange, though, seeing as the first photograph wasnīt invented until around 1826) ;-D
Aug 15 2008 09:34 GMT superJoan
Okay karlbark..they were taken in 1880 a slip of the finger sorry. Will alter it if I can
Aug 15 2008 16:54 GMT superJoan
Sigmund many thanks.
Aug 16 2008 02:39 GMT karlbark
Hehe, donīt worry......I just pointed it out to "mess" with you a little bit ;-D