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Getting tangled up with all the skiers
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 23 2013 10:27 GMT Hanny50
That's a wonderful ski scene, I love it!!
Mar 23 2013 11:04 GMT superJoan
Hanny many thanks.. it was cold and blowy up on the top, soon decided to go into the town again...
Mar 23 2013 12:53 GMT Papagena
Skiers must be very happy to still have enough snow there !! But I am looking out to welcome at last springtime.......
Mar 23 2013 13:18 GMT bandsix
Is that Barrie in the white outfit? :))
Mar 23 2013 13:36 GMT superJoan
Barbara not any more, he has two atificial knees and dare not ski any more for fear of falling.. thanks
Mar 23 2013 13:37 GMT superJoan
Lots of snow all over when we visited...too much for comfort in Northern France. Thanks Ruth
Mar 23 2013 14:24 GMT clintonfolks
Mar 23 2013 15:11 GMT Bigbear10
A beautiful scene Joan, not to different from Colwick
Mar 23 2013 16:18 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
What a gorgeous snowy landscape Joan! :-)
Mar 23 2013 16:31 GMT hans55 PRO
a great landscape !!
Mar 23 2013 19:18 GMT sheasoru68
Lovely winter image,..and the opening of the blue sky is perfect.
Mar 23 2013 19:19 GMT superJoan
Sure and Wilford today Tony .. I have never known it snow all day long, but isn't it pretty...okay if you don't need to go out.
Mar 23 2013 19:20 GMT superJoan
Hunju it was a winter wonderland of snow, and we have it like this at home today too... thanks
Mar 23 2013 19:21 GMT superJoan
Am I the only person who enjoys the snow better than hot sun shine???
Mar 23 2013 19:22 GMT superJoan
Carl so pretty all this snow....I love it thanks
Mar 23 2013 19:23 GMT superJoan
hans it was cold on the slopes too.. the wind blowing like a gale, whipping up the snow
wonderful !!!
Mar 23 2013 19:24 GMT superJoan
Joe just like A fairy land of snow, lots and lots of it like home today...thanks
Mar 23 2013 19:31 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a beautiful scene, Joan. Have you ever done any skiing?
Mar 23 2013 20:48 GMT superJoan
Sylvia I don't ski, but Barrie has in the past.. we both skated years ago Thanks
Mar 23 2013 22:48 GMT elsje323
beautiful winter view
Mar 24 2013 19:51 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wowwwww I wouldn't mind the cold !
Mar 25 2013 20:06 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful scenery Joan and the skier adds to the pretty picture :)