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Comments on this photo:

May 03 2013 00:41 GMT stuboy
Read it ?
I wrote it, I don't need to read it.
You're a bit odd aren't you.
May 03 2013 00:51 GMT stuboy
amunt ?
Must be a Bali word, what does it mean ?
May 03 2013 00:59 GMT stuboy
Your insults are a bit crap aren't they.
May 03 2013 01:34 GMT stuboy
I can't work this out.
Am I a child seller or a child buyer ?
May 03 2013 01:47 GMT stuboy
That doesn't really clear anything up does it !
May 03 2013 01:54 GMT stuboy
& this is your idea of clearing things up ?
Doesn't really work for me, any other ideas ?
May 03 2013 09:42 GMT biggles
Great smell-o-vision picture Stu, I'm getting sweat, beer and piss....and thats just the comments.
May 04 2013 00:08 GMT stuboy
Hunju, I hate to break the news to you but this isn't your site.
What makes you think it is ?
May 10 2013 21:01 GMT jennylve
i am Jenny I saw your profile today at fotothing so
i decided to write to you, here is my
email(jennypeterson988@yahoo.co.uk) so that I
will send my picture,
May 20 2013 18:14 GMT ander
aaah, memories - Ian Dury and the Blockheads