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An ill & dying stuboy leaving for a few days.
Going to see if I can pass all my bugs onto someone else :)
I don't want them anymore.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2007 23:24 GMT LisaSam67
haha that's true MS......
come back soon sweet stu :-)
Dec 13 2007 23:45 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Old Jamaican remedy ... only drink Brandy when ill .... all other times drink Rum..
but brandy for bugs ...they hate it ;-)
Dec 13 2007 23:53 GMT kimbob
You're going to miss manboobfriday
Dec 13 2007 23:54 GMT stuboy
manboobfriday ?
Are we having one of them ?
Dec 14 2007 00:09 GMT stuboy
Ok, the alternative Friday theme hey ?

I'll do a deal with you.
I'll show you my boobs if you show me yours :))))))))))
Dec 14 2007 00:14 GMT kimbob
I would have to use that long picture thing you have!!
Dec 14 2007 00:17 GMT stuboy
Lisa will tell you how to do it :)
Dec 14 2007 01:20 GMT Poulet PRO
So I'll keep my beer until you are back! ;P
Dec 16 2007 17:25 GMT garynumber1cleaner
lol at kimbob comment ... (mind you dont trip ..lol )