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The voices in my head made me do it !


The voices in my head made me do it !
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2005 21:58 GMT JesterofAlba
Ok I might suggest not listening to the voices in your head any more. Listen to the voices in my head for a while. I assure you they will be less potentially dangerous for yourself (not other but safer for yourself).
Sep 30 2005 22:29 GMT stuboy
Yes, but the voices keep me company ( it's quite crowded in there actualy ) I have to listen to them or they say they will punish me
Sep 30 2005 22:37 GMT JesterofAlba
hmmm.... again I assert that the voices in my head are less likely to hurt the one they are speaking too then everyone and anyone else... At least consider the option. Tell your voices they can take a well deserved vacation. You know for working so hard for so long.
Sep 30 2005 23:05 GMT stuboy
The voices say that if I listen to you they will make me watch american T.V .It's too late for me, save yourself you've still got a chance
Oct 01 2005 00:45 GMT JesterofAlba
Fortunately, I would have to agree with the voices in your head about american tv. Hence the reason I do not own a tv anymore. Those voice might just have a (only one though) redeaming quality.
May 12 2007 02:36 GMT LisaSam67
LOL I refuse to watch the TV here! omg you are so right! It stinks to high heaven or high sewer plant LOL
Mar 02 2008 19:52 GMT lexxa
punish them with a Q-tip stu.