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I went to a right little posh place just a few miles from where I live & went into a sweety shop (candy shop if you're American)

In my local shops you buy chocolates by the box full, but not in Lymm, you have to buy them individually.

These four chocolates cost me more than I can buy a whole box full for locally.

I had to take a photo of them.
I ate them in about 5 seconds so I reckon I could eat about £50 worth in 1 minute.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2007 08:18 GMT stuboy
Yeah, I felt great knowing that I've got to explain why my mortgage isn't going to be paid for the next 3 months & my food rations for the next 6 months went within a few seconds :)
Nov 27 2007 09:25 GMT garynumber1cleaner
You sacrifice buying beer for posh chocolates ! or where they filled with rum. brandy etc ? lol ;-)
Nov 27 2007 09:31 GMT stuboy
The one at the bottom was rum, the one to the left was strawberry, the one at the top was raspberry & the one to the right was coffee.

I had to go without beer for a whole 2 hours after buying these.

The madness of it all, why do I do this to myself :(
Nov 27 2007 09:33 GMT garynumber1cleaner
2 hours ! hope you are ok .. must have been hell Stu ..lol ;-)
Nov 27 2007 09:50 GMT stuboy
It was far worse than hell mate, but God willing I may just pull through & live to tell the awful tale.

My doctor said I might live, but he didn't recommend it.
He said it was the worse case he'd ever seen :(
Nov 27 2007 10:43 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Non - Alcoholics should remain Anonymous ;-)
Nov 27 2007 11:54 GMT Poulet PRO
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =:O
£50 = BHT3,500 !!!!! ........*fainted*

There's a chocolate shop in Bangkok that sales very expensive chocolate 'coz they imported all ingredients from Belgium and Switzerland...but it's not as expensive as yours!!
BTW, I've never bought myself but ate it when somebody bought and left the box opened! ;))) lol
Nov 27 2007 14:35 GMT Keitology
I wouldnt buy them even I had 50 pounds lol guess my rent is not much more then this :))
Nov 27 2007 18:09 GMT Rasle
you could have bought some filled with rum or brandy. Guess there´s no chocolates filled with beer - maybe you could make a lot of £ if you started making beer-chocolates, but then again - you would eat most of it yourself :-))
Nov 27 2007 18:22 GMT Sketty PRO
Coffee flavoured chocolate is the DEVILS chocolate. It is evil and should never be put in selection boxes offered to the unwary greedy git
Nov 28 2007 10:27 GMT stuboy
Oh come on Sketty ?????
Coffee ones are the only good ones !!!!!
God you're stupid !
Nov 28 2007 21:42 GMT Sketty PRO
Stupid, ME?!!!! I have studied chocolate for many MANY years and would assess that indeed it is YOU my friend who are the idiot of your village. My evidence? The Revels 'Russian Roulette' ad where the guy collapses on the floor in complete agony 'cause he got the coffee one! Proof positive
Nov 29 2007 00:13 GMT uwp
But here it's that expensive so you can never become fat! Cheap fatty food and cheap candy is your body's death...
Nov 29 2007 13:34 GMT gafaway
I once had to go without chocolate for two hours because I spent my money on beer Perfect photo of wonderful subject : )
Nov 30 2007 09:19 GMT genese
oh yes the because i can moment .. i tend to do it just to piss the posh shop keepers off as they look down their noses at me and i then produce cash and smirk ....
oh dear