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Sometimes a bath just isn't enough

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Sometimes a bath just isn't enough
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2005 22:02 GMT JesterofAlba
You know... nothing gets you dry like a tumble in the dryer...
Oct 02 2005 22:29 GMT junne PRO
hope the kid doesn't try this on his own. hard breathing in there.
Oct 02 2005 22:57 GMT stuboy
I only put it on a gentle spin, I'm not completely mad, anyway you can't do it on your own, I've tried it, you need someone to press the buttons when you're inside !!!
Oct 03 2005 04:12 GMT junne PRO
you sure crack me up. lol.
May 11 2007 23:24 GMT LisaSam67
you've always like being in the tub haven't you!
May 11 2007 23:44 GMT stuboy
Nice to see you back here Lisa :-)
This isn't me, it's my nephew, he's 21 now, wonder what he would make of this picture now :-)
May 11 2007 23:52 GMT LisaSam67
LOL I shudder to think what my boys will think of their pics being up on my page later in years too LOL!!! Kenny's still walking around in that get up I found him in this morning.... Nina just asked him why he's wearing her slip and he said... "because i can!" oh I've taught them well ROFL
Jul 28 2007 21:19 GMT robe
soooooo cool....
Sep 30 2007 21:23 GMT corainna
hahaha! i have a pic laik this with my doughter!
Nov 17 2007 00:36 GMT zukica
xe xe OMG!!! :))))
Mar 02 2008 19:49 GMT lexxa
have they lifted the restraining order yet? :))))
Mar 02 2008 20:49 GMT stuboy
I've still got 6 months left to go.
Mar 02 2008 21:05 GMT lexxa