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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2009 12:10 GMT paparazziboy
You've changed a bit Mate, however, the beard looks good on you :)
Dec 13 2009 14:31 GMT superJoan
Stuboy, haven't seen you on the site for yonks...welcome back....
Dec 13 2009 19:27 GMT lynnj04
Aaaawww Stu he is cute :-))
Dec 14 2009 06:55 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great shot Stu!! Happy Christmas to you and your family mate. I hope things are well with you. :-)
Dec 16 2009 17:56 GMT rosyapple PRO
Long suffering pup! Haha
Dec 20 2009 00:25 GMT Sketty PRO
Fuckin' ell, santa's let himself go
Dec 20 2009 12:34 GMT stuboy
It's not Santa, it's a dog with a beard on.
Dec 20 2009 19:44 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, but he looks like a cheap shopping centre santa. The one which makes kids question whether the old fella is real
Dec 21 2009 18:38 GMT LizSA
Hello Stu, nice to see the dog with the beard on.

Happy Holidays ... Season Greetings.... thinking of you in this times...(really)
Dec 24 2009 00:56 GMT Poulet PRO
So cute!!!
Merry Christmas, Stu! :))
Dec 25 2009 08:40 GMT Elise
Merry Christmas and cheers to the new year ahead :)
Hugs and kisses from Holland.
Dec 28 2009 00:13 GMT megmet PRO
Hope you had a great Christmas Stu, and wishing you and yours a happy and Healthy New Year!
Jan 03 2010 15:36 GMT fotomom
Happy hollydays , and a better yet new year , my best wishes for you and your family , and of course Divy.
Jan 26 2010 15:20 GMT rosyapple PRO
Not impressed, methinks!
Feb 08 2010 17:44 GMT sweetbaby1
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Apr 06 2010 04:36 GMT DragonsHollow
cute pup, he yours? :)
Apr 20 2010 07:33 GMT fotothinger
Wooof!!!! Wooof!!!
May 26 2010 04:25 GMT Weesue
Penny for his thoughts.
May 29 2010 03:10 GMT LisaSam67
Jun 27 2010 00:51 GMT fotothinger