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Comments on this photo:

Mar 25 2008 21:02 GMT rosyapple PRO
I love the reflections - the wintery snow add effect too.
Mar 25 2008 21:03 GMT Firecrest
Great reflections and brilliant Image!!
Mar 25 2008 21:06 GMT stuboy
It was a strange day, beautiful sunshine followed by heavy snow a few minutes later.

Crazy weather :)
Mar 25 2008 21:10 GMT Papagena
Simply beautiful! And crazy season everywhere!!
Mar 25 2008 21:10 GMT micati
Lovely picture...............great reflection.
Belgium weather is also CRAZY these days.
Have a great evening Stu................:)):))
Mar 26 2008 07:10 GMT palakol
Wow.. Lovely.. c",)
Mar 26 2008 07:27 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Lovely and clear Stu...love the reflection... did you hear the story of the Immigrants camping in parks and eating the Swans ? people reported that something was going wrong when they saw all the skeletons on the floor ..including Duck bones...
The immigrants where evicted from the park.. can't remember exactly where it was ..but if i find it ..maybe i will link here.
Someone said that they are the Royal Swans ..Queens property ..all of them, an age old law, apparantly you would have been sent to the tower and beheaded for this many years ago..lol
mind you, they would chop your head off for any reason back then i guess ... had to do something for stereotype entertainment as Deal or no Deal was not on everyday then
Mar 26 2008 07:42 GMT stuboy
Yeah Gary, the Queen owns all the swans, stupid cow !!!!!
I want to own a swan & since I pay her way in life I think I'll take one off her.

I heard that story too but the media likes someone to blame.
Swans are killed by people every day but as soon as immigrants do it the papers & T.V jump on it & turn it into a really big issue.
Mar 26 2008 07:51 GMT garynumber1cleaner
your right, the media do jump on everything... I guess it is a case of unless they witness it, then how can they be sure who to blame...
but in either case, I guess the Queen will never be Hungry..
A pet Swan .. ... you've got me thinking here, sure she wont miss another 2, she probably doesn't give a toss about them if the truth was to be known..she's too busy eating pheasents and Growse...lol ;-)
Mar 26 2008 08:08 GMT stuboy
She's too busy in her parlour counting all her money :)
Mar 26 2008 09:00 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Greedy (Silly Cow) ... lol ... ;-))
Mar 26 2008 10:38 GMT sini
Wonderful shot!:)
Mar 26 2008 11:40 GMT fotomom
your pic is beautiful , and the comments are very funny :)))
Mar 26 2008 11:51 GMT anko
wonderful shot and reflection!
Mar 26 2008 16:41 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful reflection shot!
Mar 27 2008 07:57 GMT Minou
Lovely shot and reflections !
Apr 08 2008 02:27 GMT LizSA
fantastic.... amazing reflections.....!!