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Little Lily.
Cute as a button.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2012 01:47 GMT Jagged PRO
Look out, that could be a Germanic sex pest behind her!
Sep 04 2012 01:52 GMT stuboy
Nah, looks like a stupidboi monkey or a disabled dustman to me or may be a an idiot hairdresser.
Sep 04 2012 01:56 GMT verababy
may peace of the Lord be with you
my name is Vera
please can you write me back with my email [verababyone4u@yahoo.com] for have a good friendship with you i will tell you more about me and give you my picture for you to know me ok,thank you very much and God bless you, MY Email, verababyone4u at yah oo dot com
Sep 04 2012 02:02 GMT stuboy
Vera, you're trying too hard, you need to cool it a bit.
Try hunju, he really need to have sex with someone.
He's only got a small penis but he's got a great personality.
Sep 04 2012 09:32 GMT uwp
Bwahaha, at first I thought, hunju's just a stupid troll. But now this seems to be fun.
Sep 04 2012 11:49 GMT stuboy
Hey uwp, my German is too good, what the hell is he blabbering on about ?
Sep 04 2012 16:31 GMT TZounoami
old time japoNESE changi take kare of leftover wor idot british
all much food for kakerlaks in toilet mai be forget pappa yu ? Bad kakerlak
u come changi we finish u easy - nobodyy lail brit shit colonist ugly YU
Sep 05 2012 01:07 GMT stuboy
What do you want Hunju ?

Really !
Sep 05 2012 09:05 GMT uwp
stu: he's just insulting you with words like slimy, channel rat, sick and ugly monster. Nothin' special, not even very creative. For me this looks like someone who hacked an account and now thinks he can do whatever he wants. I'm really missing some kind of ignore button here like at FB...
Sep 05 2012 21:31 GMT stuboy
A slimmy channel rat sick & ugly monster lol
I've had better insults from 12 year olds.
It's like being back at school again
Sep 06 2012 21:43 GMT stuboy
You've got the mental age of a 10 year old hunju.