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I think I'll be swimming to work today.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 29 2012 21:50 GMT Jagged PRO
Aug 30 2012 13:42 GMT uwp
WOT? English standard weather???
Aug 31 2012 19:35 GMT stuboy
Lol, how do you steal a comment ?
You really are an arsehole aren't you ?
& take a good look at your site, how many times have you posted my comments on there ?
Sep 01 2012 07:46 GMT stuboy
So, how much money do I owe you ?
Give me your bank details & I'll sort something out.
Sep 01 2012 13:02 GMT Jagged PRO
Odd, I only see the one loudmouthed senseless idiot. Have you had your glasses checked lately?
Sep 01 2012 19:56 GMT stuboy
Hey hunju, you'll like this, it's funny.
I had a friend of mine do a psychiatric report on you based on what she saw here.
This is what the report said;

'The subject has passed a psychological boundary, freeing himself from what we might call normal inhibitions, he is almost certainly incapable of experiencing or expressing normal emotions.

In one sense the subject inhabits a grey areain which all moral aspects are blurred, and any rules are of his own making, his goal is exclusively the furtherance of his ends. Nothing else, no other consideration, plays any role at all.
Salient 'qualities' in this context include ruthlessness, callousness, selfishness, faithlessness & mendacity. These 'qualities' coupled with a highly developed manipulative function, enable the subject to function flawlessly within a world created by a flawed psyche.
Downsides for such a subject include humourlessness, friendlessness & isolation, such a subject is emotionally immature & shallow.

To sum up, we are looking at an aspective borderline personality disorder with high psycho-/sociopathic elements, among other dysfunctional strains.'
Sep 02 2012 02:20 GMT Jagged PRO
And a tiny penis.
Sep 02 2012 22:57 GMT stuboy
Yes, that's what we were saying.
You're a complete balloon.
Who can't answer a simple question.
Sep 03 2012 21:47 GMT simon PRO
I'd just have gone with 'borderline psychotic' but that's because I haven't done a Masters.
Sep 03 2012 21:56 GMT stuboy
I just thought he was a tosspot.
But that's just because I'm idiot hairdresser.
Sep 03 2012 22:41 GMT verababy
may peace of the Lord be with you
my name is Vera
please can you write me back with my email [verababyone4u@yahoo.com] for have a good friendship with you i will tell you more about me and give you my picture for you to know me ok,thank you very much and God bless you, MY Email, verababyone4u at yah oo dot com
Sep 04 2012 07:23 GMT annieann PRO
children will play
Sep 06 2012 09:20 GMT simon PRO
. . . and Hunju will stalk them.