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Comments on this photo:

Aug 27 2012 14:55 GMT bluesky
Aug 27 2012 17:13 GMT hans55 PRO
proost ! :-)
Aug 27 2012 17:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Cheers ..
Aug 27 2012 18:52 GMT stuboy
Cheers people (well apart from hunju who again is just out looking for a fight)
Aug 27 2012 20:52 GMT stuboy
Well spotted.
How did you know ?
Did someone tell you ?
Aug 27 2012 21:19 GMT biggles
Isn't punk just SO yesterdecade?! Come on Stu get with the new street scene...

What more can we expect from such a low class shower here on FT RANDoM caPitALS All OvERRR.
Aug 27 2012 22:45 GMT Jagged PRO
Dear Hunju, "PUNK" is not an insult. Use of the term, regardless of inflection or tone, totally fails to evoke the intended feeling of anger within those you chose to antagonise.

"Scrawny, mentalist, xenophobic, blood belching vagina" That's an insult.
Aug 28 2012 17:13 GMT uwp
Stu, don't let them change you! Punk is a culture and should stay alive! We need more cultures like this!
Aug 29 2012 00:01 GMT Sketty PRO
Y'see, I'm wondering whether he's calling you Punk 'cause I do and he thinks I'm on his side. It's an act of unity that's what it is!
Aug 29 2012 15:07 GMT stuboy
Monkey see, monkey do.
Sep 04 2012 07:25 GMT annieann PRO
oh dear me
Sep 04 2012 11:57 GMT stuboy
annieann if you know a way for there to be peace please let me know, I've tried everything but there is no talking to the man.
He's gone to war with us for reasons unknown.

Sep 04 2012 16:10 GMT TZounoami
Inglese me no soo good
but must explein yu HERE ..wor world two many britt shit colonist ASIA
in prisons CHANGIE singapora japonase make to be eat withs cockroach
maibe forget put in wc pappi idiotstuboy to make finiss brutshit allofer OK
Sep 07 2012 00:17 GMT stuboy
You lost me a bit there.
What were you saying ?
Jan 12 2013 21:20 GMT joe PRO
Murphys ??
Jan 13 2013 00:46 GMT stuboy
No, mine :)