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Trevor Steve Colin gerbils great scran


Some great scran..........
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2008 10:51 GMT Pondy PRO
I'm making chicken stew.. from a chicken!! not a tin or a packet.. a chicken!

If I go quiet send an ambulance.
Aug 31 2008 10:54 GMT Sketty PRO
Jesus Christ - it'll be reported that ghouls online just sat and watched you die without intervention!

I don't have your address any more, I'll just have to tell the crew to follow the stench of death and chicken.......
Aug 31 2008 11:11 GMT Pondy PRO
And send prayers.. don't forget that bit.
Aug 31 2008 11:29 GMT RAJITZ
Nice to have it....
Aug 31 2008 11:30 GMT Sketty PRO
Shit yeah - I'll start the forum topic "Once you've finished praying for sick and dead c@s, people's random family members, a kid's weird skull, the 'secret thing', sick obscenely rich politicians and every other fucking thing, spare a prayer for Pondy and his chicken'.....

I'm sure there'll be a fickle outpouring of grief for you from the usual suspects
Aug 31 2008 12:28 GMT Jagged PRO
ooh a worthy cause, sign me up!
Aug 31 2008 13:25 GMT stuboy
Fuck Pondy, I'm praying for the chicken.