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I'VE HAD A BLOODY BAD DAY and before you start Stuboy, I don't wanna hear it, ok? Oh, and yes (she shouted, eyes bulging in full Basil Fawlty mode) the breakdown guy DID piss himself laughing at the irony of the sticker on the back of my car.

Malcolm the Bug RIP
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Comments on this photo:

May 22 2006 19:03 GMT JotaBoyJon
Anybody wanna buy a pushbike? ;)
May 22 2006 19:12 GMT stuboy
Hey Stacey, as if I would say anything at a time like this, you must be gutted, my heart goes out to you & Malcolms family.
Think of the happy times you had together, no-one can take those away.

P.S it is a liitle bit funny though ;)
May 22 2006 19:58 GMT Craig1000hk
:O................can..................can this be................the end :(
May 22 2006 20:00 GMT Craig1000hk
if this were a a soap we'd spend the next six episodes in the garage while Malcolm undergoes open bonnet surgery :(
May 22 2006 20:09 GMT Phoenix PRO
I witnessed this sad event today. Even the AA man said Malc looked sorry for himself.
Hope they don't do 'Open Bonnet' surgery Craig - they wouldn't find much!!!!
May 23 2006 01:59 GMT wifey
I'm so sorry about your car… my Golf hasn't started since Christmas… what did the rear bumper say? You don't have to tell me if you don't want. You were the first person to ever send me a comment. Cheers!
May 23 2006 02:54 GMT Molly PRO
Noooooo! I'm so sorry, Sket! :-(
May 23 2006 05:08 GMT tony PRO
Waitaminute! I thought you put a new engine in at great expense and trouble. What the hell happened?
May 23 2006 06:50 GMT stacey PRO
Oooh, hi Wifey. I'm honoured :) The sticker says 'BOLDLY GOING NOWHERE'
May 23 2006 11:31 GMT wifey
I need one of those stickers! … the best of luck, and best wishes, to you!
May 23 2006 12:09 GMT Phoenix PRO
He'll be back. C'mon, don't you watch the 'Herbie' films!!!!
May 23 2006 16:26 GMT stacey PRO
Oh God...... y'know I replaced just about every moveable part on Malc? Well, the only thing I didn't replace (the starter motor) jammed on and burned stuff up. The garage haven't even had a look yet so I don't know how serious it is yet :(
May 24 2006 04:43 GMT slomoz
I'll stay tuned for the Return of Malcom.
May 24 2006 14:29 GMT rescue193uk PRO
im tuning in for the next installment thats for sure
May 26 2006 16:02 GMT Vibeka
I'm so sorry! Maybe you could keep the body and make it into furniture or something? So it's still around? I saw on TV someone made a bed out of their car... Man, that's sooo sad!
Jun 20 2006 07:30 GMT GeoffReeves