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vwbeetle vwbug bug beetle orange

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 14 2006 18:24 GMT aZure53
sweet work!
Mar 14 2006 18:55 GMT moniqpl
funny yellow something :)
Mar 14 2006 19:03 GMT paparazziboy
...I had the same colour!!....Orange!,...just spoke with my coisin powermike about it...funny...
Mar 14 2006 19:13 GMT paparazziboy
...I like your steering wheel,......suddenly I remember the sound of the engine....I just can't remember my first kiss......but I will never forget the smell,... the fuelconsumption..... and the sound of a 1200 VW BEETLE!!!
Mar 14 2006 19:16 GMT Phoenix PRO
See those windscreen wipers..........That's the actual speed they go..... ;-)
Mar 14 2006 19:29 GMT paparazziboy
..Ow yes, ..I have forgot about that!,...**MEMORIES**...that hurts!...I want my BEETLE BACK!!!, ...How could I ever sell her!!!, ....what was wrong with me,.....there are things in live you just can't sell.........or buy............
Mar 14 2006 20:37 GMT stacey PRO
Go fer it paparazziboy - get another beetle 'Dub Dub'!

Here are some other memories - having to lift your feet when you go thru puddles due to the holes in the floor pan, having to drive with a can of de-icer in your hand 'cause the INSIDE of the windscreen freezes up whilst you're driving, losing your fingerprints when you forget how hot the tailpipes get when you go back to retrieve one that fell off in the middle of the road, getting soaked in the carwash 'cause the door rubbers are shagged/windows don't shut all that well and the complicated shagging techniques you have to discover....

....I could go on but I'm laughing too much. GET ANOTHER BEETLE MAN!
Mar 14 2006 23:10 GMT Vibeka
Great car!
Mar 15 2006 00:36 GMT stuboy
No, blondy, don't get a beetle, get a car instead ;))))))

People who drive Beetles are silly & must be laughed at...Hahahaha

Spare tyre to work the washers, no water in the radiators ????

Mar 15 2006 01:49 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Cute little hippie chick car!
Mar 15 2006 07:13 GMT grimp PRO
Paparazziboy: ... yes, the sharp intake hiss of the engine... I had a VW1600TL as first car, was built on the same basis.
Mar 15 2006 07:14 GMT grimp PRO
Stacey: 'techniques you have to discover.... ' That's what the handhelds behind the door are for!
Mar 15 2006 22:20 GMT latif
nice car
Mar 18 2006 22:40 GMT Craig1000hk
izzat an orange beetle????????????? I bloody lost one of those once in Brighton lmao
Mar 18 2006 22:41 GMT Craig1000hk
okay okay hands up...................how many people have never had a bright orange beetle ????????????
Mar 18 2006 22:56 GMT stacey PRO
Craig, Craig, Craig - go out and get yerself ANOTHER bright orange beetle! Y'know you gotta :)