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Ok, ok....you got me. It wasn't just a boozefest, it was a genu-eye-ne girls night to help me forget I am being made an example of at work so no other trainee attempts to get over the wall. Yup, they are robbing me of £750 as a contribution to my training costs. They tried to take it all in one hit from my next wage but I kicked up a major (and I mean MAJOR) stink and now I am going to be paying it back over a period of time.

Feckin' Bastids
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 15 2007 13:19 GMT gilgamesh
Er, this is training for the job you've already had before? Surely you should be the trainer not the trainee?
Sep 15 2007 13:28 GMT ijbison PRO
Oh wow! (in a Father Dougal voice), that looks like a party and a half. That's getting over a shitty day in style that is.
Sep 15 2007 13:32 GMT stacey PRO
Now y'see. I just can't settle into any career and so I seek new challenges and jump at anything which sounds remotely interesting. Having the fate of the South's criminals in my hands was, I can see, a scary concept for the world. I think I made the right decision to leave and go back to the job which will offer me a more cushy day with plenty of skiving opportunity
Sep 15 2007 13:32 GMT stacey PRO
Yes Mr Bison - and that is why I only rose from my pit a mere hour ago :)
Sep 15 2007 13:38 GMT Pondy PRO
Chocolate/Alcohol mix a little unbalanced for my sweet tooth, but oh how I love those evenings of calorific indulgance.
Sep 15 2007 13:43 GMT stacey PRO
I can feel the on-set of diabetes as I type
Sep 15 2007 15:54 GMT Phoenix PRO
She's actually gone back to her pit now.............
Sep 15 2007 16:58 GMT mel123uk
The escapism of special brew, can't beat it. Till the next day that is.
Sep 16 2007 09:21 GMT Miniwood PRO
Hmmmm 100% extra free. I haven't had a Special Brew for years.
Sep 19 2007 02:05 GMT wifey
Righteous! You tell 'em who's in control… U R !
Oct 02 2007 13:48 GMT simon PRO
Special Brew and cider - you're a classy bird and no mishtake
Oct 02 2007 17:44 GMT stacey PRO
Oh yes, no mistake, I'm as classy as they come