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Comments on this photo:

Sep 14 2009 19:16 GMT amperez
This is a nice pattern picture. Maybe you could have taken a photo of it closer up.
Sep 16 2009 20:17 GMT ProfessorShuster
I agree with amperez. Consider reshooting without the visual clutter that occupies the left portion of the frame. The most interesting portion of this image is the quilted black fabric (leather?), so focus on that.
Sep 18 2009 18:20 GMT HeidiSampson
This is a good example of a pattern, as well as texture. You can clearly see the quilting on the bag, and the raised pattern looks very touchable. In regards to cropping, this photo has a lot of potential - try cropping close to the bag, or using photoshop to blur the background even more.

Sep 19 2009 17:22 GMT nicopier
i have to agree with heidi if you take it into photshop, you should be able to make the bag and the pattern really stand out. You can even flip some of the colors and make the bag stand out more.
Sep 21 2009 02:27 GMT pic172
There is definitley texture and pattern in this pic.

Brian Rhoads
Sep 21 2009 11:29 GMT AdiArts2200
Unique subject for pattern! A close up shot would really make it pop! :)