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Still life flowers fine art spideyj


Wasn't sure about this one. Then sat down to it again last night and played with it. Now I'm happy with it!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2010 15:04 GMT Agoraphobia
beautiful and great shot!!
Oct 01 2010 07:37 GMT spideyj
Thanks Agoraphobia!
Oct 12 2010 10:15 GMT Jakeobean
Lee...I was very fascinated by this series...slight changes to the tint makes great differences in the results.....I've been trying to learn how to use my flash unit on my camera and I often take a series of photographs with various settings to check the results....still not comfortable with it yet...
Oct 12 2010 12:40 GMT spideyj
Thanks Jake.

Where possible, I try not to use flash. All these images were taken using natural light with the camera on tripod. Some of the exposures in this series were down to 1/15th of a second although the one I'm about to post was an eight second exposure. I think still life always looks better with natural light. If possible set up a shot on a window sill and go back an shoot it at different times of the day to catch different types of light. Also on these I've changed my white balance to cloudy. It puts a golden yellow cast on the image that gives it that warm coloured autumn feel. If you want anymore advice, message me and I'll help out where I can.