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cell phone tower? or my garden of love? where is my other half? come release my shuter button!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 30 2008 04:06 GMT LisaSam67
Welcome to FT now get ready 'cause my husband don't take kindly to strangers sniffin' 'round his woman.

Prepare for a cyber ass whoopin' like ya never saw before!
Dec 30 2008 04:21 GMT LisaSam67
You might wanna meet esterluv on here. She's looking to hook up and sounds as loony as you
Dec 30 2008 04:24 GMT southerngent4u
does this esterluv love cameras?
Dec 30 2008 04:25 GMT granitbiscut
I dont care about your EX !! I told you to stay off my wifes page or else !!
Dec 30 2008 04:26 GMT LisaSam67

She musta had her camera broke too cause her profile says she don't have any

Perhaps u know her already?
Dec 30 2008 04:40 GMT southerngent4u
if she breaks cameras i do not want to meet her! my next must be sweet a cripple in a wheel chair will do nice for me! that way she can not hurt my camera!
Dec 30 2008 04:42 GMT southerngent4u
whos your camera? i oops meant wife? i do not mess with bought cameras, i want to have my own! i want a new camera! not one thats been own!
Dec 30 2008 04:47 GMT granitbiscut
maybe her ex broke her camera
it might be a match
what great timing you two fruit cakes signed up the same week!
Dec 30 2008 04:49 GMT southerngent4u
tiss the season!
Dec 30 2008 04:56 GMT southerngent4u
thanks for playing alone! it was fun while it lasted! lol
Dec 30 2008 04:59 GMT southerngent4u
thanks for playing alone! it was fun while it lasted! last year she and babyduck killed another screen name i made up for them i had wonderful intentions to make them feel good and they turned him into an ax welding killer! lol so saycheese was killed lol now even a southern gent who was going thru the worst break up any one who loves cameras and photography could endure and she kills him off too! Eggy should hire Martini on full time as a fake killer on FT! lol thanks for they fun!!!!!!
Dec 30 2008 05:00 GMT LisaSam67
she sniffed you out from the start :P
Dec 30 2008 05:05 GMT southerngent4u
she did your husban was so funny!!!!!! fruit cake lol well i must delete this poor guy let him rest! may he find the love of his life! in that beyond!!!!!
Dec 30 2008 05:06 GMT martini957
Dec 30 2008 05:11 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO Nancy hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee

actually i wrote that last one about the fruit cake hahahahah

the laptop was still signed in as him when i got my hands on it to upload the latest pic hahahahaha
Dec 31 2008 01:14 GMT martini957
Had me scared that Jeff was gonna kill my silly ole wolf....you would have laughed your head off hearing me lecturing him about what Jeff wrote...I told him he was so dead...of course if Jeff asked me where the ole wolf lived I simply would have to tell him lol...he got me back good for saying he was single on that girl's picture ...welllll he is single and she sounds like a good wife for him...must find out if she goes ballistic and breaks cameras first though huh