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visitors from a better world....

brazil is such a horrible place.... :(
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Comments on this photo:

May 07 2006 21:57 GMT Nespolo
veri nice colors btw !
May 07 2006 22:04 GMT JBW
sorry, I cant agree with you on the Brazil issue....
I would love to be able to go back live *no meu cantinho*....

but your pictures are amazing....
May 07 2006 22:43 GMT sotoxic
yesterday i was robbed by 6 guys. they hit me in the head.
i think you should be happy for living in a safer place for you and your family...
May 07 2006 22:47 GMT Kriszti
very original !! simply love this :))

ps .sorry to hear what happened , hope you're ok..
May 08 2006 02:15 GMT Hairlessman
Wow! The pic's great...getting robbed sucks...hope you recover...stay safe.
May 08 2006 08:07 GMT fletrik
Beautiful - so original....

P.S. Hope you are recovering ok... It is such a shame that you cannot walk the streets in safety nowadays. I understand a little of how you feel... having had four attempts to rob me in London (one involving a knife) - my karate skills saved me from serious injury.
May 09 2006 11:02 GMT d6dana
Nice idea,very well done!!
May 09 2006 19:55 GMT JBW
Darling..... first let me say, I m trully sorry you had a bad experience...but...

dont take me wrong, and I wont write in Portuguese, as I know lots of ppl would eco my beleifs (spelling?)
but London is far from safe, I have never, in my entire life in Brasil,had a problem....(e eu morei em favelas....3 delas pra ser mais exata)
And have been mugged 4 times, had my car vandalised more times than fingers I ve got in my hands...and so on....
let alone the fact that terrorism in London had recent events that touched us down the road.... I fear every time my daughter goes alone to school coz of the amount of paedophilia in this city.....

Violence and danger come along with so called progress, and having lived in many cities in Europe, I can assure you, Brasil isnt above average, and I m most defenetly NOT in a safe place...unfortunately....

May 09 2006 19:56 GMT JBW

I m glad you posted this....

in South America there is still a bit of a myth that Europe is safer.....
May 13 2006 00:07 GMT justkacey
i LOVE this!
May 18 2006 14:14 GMT arun
May 18 2006 22:24 GMT sotoxic
Nov 06 2006 23:59 GMT caroba
Beautiful photo!
Jul 29 2007 21:35 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful work, again---and I sure don't feel safe here in southern California either.