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Comments on this photo:

Jun 04 2010 12:23 GMT jo390
3.whats going on
Jun 04 2010 12:26 GMT ProfessorColin
1. reversion, child-like, fear
2. This work seems to be about confronting a present or past fear and trying to overcome it.
3. In the third image, there in a sense of immediacy that feels genuine.
4. A couple of the images are underexposed. Your acting could be better in the first image.
5. I like your theme. This is the first work you've turned in that feels like it's personal.
Jun 04 2010 12:26 GMT kcadwalader22
1. descriptive words: insoomnia, haunted, isolation, depression
2. Interpretation: fearful of the unknown- what is left to the viewers imagination
3. Evaluation: Strong lines that lead the eye through the dark spaces and the pose is convincing.
4. Evauluation: would have liked to see the outlet patched over. Perhaps could have shot this against a wall that is a bit more corrosive.
5. Opinion: I would continue with the theme of frightened, anti-social behavior. The image evokes lonely emotion to the viewer. Well done.
Jun 04 2010 12:26 GMT jguzmanballen
1. fear, sadness, depression
2. Describes how one feels secluded and goes through rough times.
3. Strength is to show emotion and pose right.
4. Weakness is weak background and difficulty seeing actual portrait
5. Possibly change to B&W to make it look more emotional.
Jun 04 2010 12:30 GMT vbovee
1. fear, confusion, loneliness
2. It shows loneliness with a cry out for someone to help.
3. I like the emotions in all the photos.
4. second picture not as powerful as others.
Jun 04 2010 12:36 GMT Magdusia
1.lonley, scared, overwhelmed
2. personal intimate pictures, he seems to be closed in, not letting anyone in.
3. good composition, but 3 images are underexposed use psd to fix.
4. overall I would improve the exposures.
5. I would continue with the 3rd picture.