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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2009 08:13 GMT superJoan
What a grogeous character
Mar 19 2009 09:21 GMT smiles66
Thank you Joan, the parade was so much fun though the weather was chilly. It was a nice sunny day.
Mar 19 2009 21:58 GMT h43
This is wonderful and you have managed to really capture him well.
Mar 19 2009 22:00 GMT smiles66
Thank you Heather, it was a chilly day but sunny so when the wind wasn't blowing it was quite pleasant.
Mar 21 2009 03:06 GMT yellowgirl
Nice clown, great parade.
Mar 21 2009 03:06 GMT smiles66
Thank you yellowgirl. They were fun to watch.
Mar 21 2009 03:10 GMT kumarr
Great Capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 21 2009 03:41 GMT Hamin PRO
This one's a winner, judy ~!
Mar 21 2009 04:17 GMT teddybear2
what a delightful photo
Mar 21 2009 13:02 GMT smiles66
Thank you kumarr
Mar 21 2009 13:03 GMT smiles66
Fun parade to kick off spring teddybear2
Mar 21 2009 13:04 GMT smiles66
Thank you Manny. So busy these days seemed good to spend a morning just snapping away.
Mar 21 2009 13:16 GMT junne PRO
great picture of a clown!!!
Mar 21 2009 13:49 GMT LisaSam67
cute and colorful
Mar 21 2009 17:25 GMT smiles66
Thank you June and for stopping by.
Mar 21 2009 17:26 GMT smiles66
thank you lisasam, having a lazy day here
Mar 25 2009 12:49 GMT olgutt
Hi! Thank you for all yor nice comments.;) I'm not a mutilingual. ;P I'm studing two languages : English and German and I'm not really good. Polish is my first language. Now I'm learning diligently, because I must pass my exams in next month and I want to get a scholarship.I hope go to the private High School from September.

Mar 25 2009 22:02 GMT smiles66
Olga, is Polish that much different from German? I know English is difficult, so much slang. I took French in High School, 3 years of it. Now I all I remember is "where is the bathroom?" in French. Might be pretty handy to be able to ask :)
Mar 29 2009 05:42 GMT anuratHa
Really cool one.
Mar 29 2009 14:14 GMT smiles66
thank you anuratha
Mar 31 2009 22:19 GMT smiles66
:) that is a cute story Joe. My son was afraid of the man on stilts who did our 4th of July parade every year. He would hide behind me and thought those long legs were real.
Mar 31 2009 22:30 GMT hamz
GREAT ///////////////////
Mar 31 2009 22:33 GMT smiles66
Thank you Hamz, clowns are always fun to capture
Apr 10 2009 08:31 GMT roncarlin PRO
Love your St. Pat. series.
Apr 10 2009 12:53 GMT otilia
Apr 11 2009 20:06 GMT smiles66
Thanks much Roncarlin, I enjoyed taking these photos.
Apr 11 2009 20:07 GMT smiles66
Thanks for stopping by otilia.