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Stretching is good for the soul.
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Comments on this photo:

May 04 2006 09:25 GMT agoston
Excelent capture!
May 04 2006 10:39 GMT mickmusser
It is excellent, Like it was sitting for you. What is it? I have only seen two lizards this size (outside zoos) the face seems to be more froglike than most lizards. Slink?
I bet you let them climb over you to cleanup ticks.
May 04 2006 15:09 GMT Olympe1961
Yes : you're right ! Go on stretching : you are so beautiful so !!! congratulations for the photograph !
May 04 2006 15:52 GMT slomoz
Ya know, Mick, those guys are so common around here that I've never thought to get an formal identification. I guess it's some kind of gecko. We always just call them "fence lizards" because they spend so much time doing exactly what the photo above illustrates. It really isn't all that large -- maybe six inches.

Lizards for tick removal? Now there's an idea worthy of additional research, but I fear that I'm way too ticklish to give it a try.
May 04 2006 17:05 GMT camperandrea
Hee hee you guys are funny....great photo!
May 04 2006 17:20 GMT Lensvision
Never seen one of those before.
May 04 2006 20:50 GMT SGKrebs
Do they fight over who gets to sun on the log?
May 04 2006 21:30 GMT bennystr
Beautiful capture!
May 05 2006 02:02 GMT slomoz
SGK: I've never witnessed a battle, but then again, maybe all I see are the weary victors.
May 05 2006 02:14 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
I call 'em a pain in the patunkus because they're always getting where they don't belong and frightening me when I least expect it :) LOL!! This little guy looks like he's really enjoying the sunshine!
May 05 2006 22:47 GMT persian
excellent !!