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Tags winter


from garden this morning.....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 19 2010 09:40 GMT MargNZ
The beauty of your winter is amazing Geoff .. lovely capture ;)
Dec 19 2010 09:50 GMT dorman PRO
Similar here S, ..............
Dec 19 2010 09:53 GMT skyball
Thank you Marg;....it is lovely to look at,but it is causing alot of problems in uk at the moment.....
Dec 19 2010 09:54 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice winter view ...aslong as you can stay at home !!
Dec 19 2010 10:10 GMT skyball
Thanks Hans;..I've got my thermals on!!!!......
Dec 19 2010 10:31 GMT MargNZ
I know Geoff as we have friends who need to get back to NZ urgently .
Dec 19 2010 10:43 GMT skyball
Thanks Marg;..I wish them good luck!!
Dec 19 2010 10:47 GMT sini
Great snow view!:)
Dec 19 2010 14:12 GMT SIGMUND
Dec 19 2010 14:29 GMT marijke06
that's a lot of snow!
Dec 19 2010 14:40 GMT Annamaria
Lovely snowy look, Geof!!
Dec 19 2010 14:56 GMT skyball
Thank you Sigmund...you are so right Brrrrrrrrr.......
Dec 19 2010 15:00 GMT skyball
Thank you M;...
Dec 19 2010 15:03 GMT skyball
Thanks Anna,,as Sigmund say's...Brrrrrrr......
Dec 19 2010 18:08 GMT Donjames
Brrrrrrrrr some more it looks freezing Geoff.....Merry Christmas to you and yours....
Dec 19 2010 20:12 GMT verarenm
WOW....how your garden has changed... all white, peaceful, quite, a new pace to the winter season...
Dec 19 2010 20:19 GMT skyball
Thanks Don..It sure is freezing, 19 degrees below this morning, alot of problems with road and air traffic..we are keeping warm. we've got our thermals on:-))..
Likewise with the seasons greetings,have a great time
Dec 19 2010 23:47 GMT choices
WOW, so much snow! Beautiful...
Dec 20 2010 11:23 GMT skyball
Thank you Choices.......
Dec 20 2010 11:30 GMT skyball
Thank you Vera..5"of snow makes all the diference, and causes alot of problems..i feel sorry for that poor little blackbird on top of the willow tree......
Dec 20 2010 18:30 GMT charlie26
You have a lot of snow there, we have a lot of ice on the roads here. Indeed causing a lot of traffic misery.
Dec 20 2010 20:06 GMT skyball
Thank you charlie..alot of cold weather and snow..and more to come so we are told..does'nt too good..keep warm!!!......
Dec 21 2010 00:46 GMT verarenm
I'm sorry Skyb, I have followed the news by TV and seen the problems in roads, airport. And only tomorrow begins the winter. OMG. Keep you warm!
Dec 21 2010 09:48 GMT skyball
Thank you for your consideration Vera..I've got my thermals on:-))....