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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2012 08:48 GMT bandsix
Is this a competition Geoff? Do we have to guess where? :)))
Apr 09 2012 09:24 GMT skyball
Sorry about that Barbara!!..I took this shot quite some time ago traveling through Kent. i could'nt remember exactly where!!..i can only guess it was somwhere between Hyth and Dymchurch near the coast.....you may even know of it:-))....
Apr 09 2012 09:55 GMT saffi9
great find geoff
Apr 09 2012 10:25 GMT skyball
Thank you Dave....
Apr 09 2012 10:33 GMT happysnaper
Super find Geoff.
Apr 09 2012 12:00 GMT skyball
Thannk you Tony.......
Apr 09 2012 12:02 GMT skyball
Thank you Hunju......
Apr 09 2012 21:48 GMT SIGMUND
great find!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2012 09:15 GMT skyball
Thank you Susana.......
Apr 10 2012 17:44 GMT charlie26
Amazing entry. Great find indeed.
Apr 10 2012 19:03 GMT skyball
Thank you Charlie.......
Apr 11 2012 02:19 GMT Studio88
Geoff, It has a Leaning Tower Appearance - Nice Find ;-)
Apr 11 2012 06:19 GMT senna3
Unique image!
Apr 11 2012 10:00 GMT skyball
Thank you S88..i thought it was unusual:-)).....
Apr 11 2012 10:01 GMT skyball
Thank you Peter.......
Apr 11 2012 20:58 GMT Bigbear10
Hi Geoff, I managed to find it on Google Images it is an old Victorian water tower in New Romney kent. Now used as domestic dwellings

Strange building, originally a water tower built by a landowner in 1902 for use with his surrounding properties and the nearby golf course but was never used due to sea water contamination. It has the initial appearance of some sort of folly but is actually a fully functioning building and is a private residential property.
Apr 12 2012 09:37 GMT skyball
Hi Tony thank you for all the info!!..i was a little bit out with my guesswork, but it all ties in!!..i have seen water towers built very similar,but not quite so crooked:-))..(a bit like the house that jack built):-))....sorry if i was a bit late coming back to you but i suffer badly with dry eye which limits my time looking at the monitor......regards Geoff.
Apr 13 2012 16:11 GMT Annamaria
Very special find, Geoff!! I hope your eyes will be better soon!!
Apr 13 2012 19:18 GMT skyball
Many thanks Anna!!...I have had this for some time!! i just have to live with it:-((.....
Apr 15 2012 07:47 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful find Geoff, I agree with Annamaria...:-))
Apr 15 2012 08:43 GMT skyball
Many thanks Wijnie.......
Apr 16 2012 05:10 GMT legs4daze PRO
this is my favorite kind of photo, in that it provokes all these interesting comments; a wealth of information and wit. i immediately thought of The House That Jack Built too!

{{BLINK, BLINK BLINK}} = those are for you, wish it would help, dry eyes does not sound pleasant ;-()

Apr 16 2012 10:15 GMT skyball
Thank you Steff...I thought it looked a bit unusual..i could'nt resist taking a shot!!....thank you for the blinks!!....where we would normally blink about 15 times a minute (washing the eyeball).looking at the monitor screen for too long can cut the blinking down to about 5 times a minute (less washing) which causes dry eye!! making them sore and irritable:-((....
Apr 17 2012 14:20 GMT eliaskhalil
While i was looking at the thumbnail i thought that it is the reflection of the building through water. It is an interesting architecture.
Apr 17 2012 19:05 GMT skyball
Thank you Elias!!...i see what you mean!..i do wonder if it was actually built like that!!.....